What is a Realtor? Really.

We all know it is a professional who is licensed to facilitate the sale of purchase of real property, homes, commercial, lots and land in a given area.  But what does a realtor do?  Just show a few homes and facilitate a contract?  Hardly.

A realtor is a devotee to their clientele and their brokerage.  They often work 7 days a week, or at least make themselves available to their clientele.  They must study and pass a rigorous exam and are remanded to fulfill continuing education requirements.  They work from their brokerages and often a home office.  They do their own accounting and pay taxes from each commission.  They place their own advertising, attend networking events to raise their profile, they learn to brand themselves for their specialty.

Realtor’s are social networkers who have mastered technology and social networking skills to promote themselves, your listings and attract buyers through business building on the internet.  They use computers, tablets, smart phones, faxes, electronic documents, copiers.  They design and use mailers to connect with the public and their clients.  They know about bulk mail, folding machines, types of paper.

Most importantly, The preview and tour property throughout the week, specifically on Tuesdays for Brokers Tours which follow the action of the sun through the cities neighborhoods from 9am until 4PM.  They make appointments to view homes with clients on Saturdays and after work.  They tour homes with or without clients at Sunday OPEN HOUSE to catch or hold open the newest listings and preview the newest homes.  They learn about styles of architecture.

They learn tenant/landlord rules and regulations as overseen by the San Francisco rent board.  They know vendors who provide every type of home service from remodels to repairs to new construction.  They learn about the cities geography and geology.  Realtors learn resilience because they are in sales and so must cope with a certain amount of rejection in the form of no.  They learn to be flexible for those that commit and change their minds.  They learn to get along with all sorts of people from every income level and walk of life.  They learn compassion for those less fortunate, they stay involved and give back.  Most Realtors have a charity or two or three they are actively involved in.

They follow and monitor local politics, district supervisors and happenings at City Hall.  They know about short sales and foreclosures.  Realtors know where to shop, they dress well and present a polished image.  They follow the newest restaurants and trends in each neighborhood.  Schools are important, so they can direct their  clients to the right district or area in which their children will grown and learn.

A realtor must be upstanding, ethical and motivated.  It’s not easy, if it were – everyone would be doing it!  This is all a Realtor is and much more, and we haven’t even discussed the knowledge base necessary for them to exercise the purchase and sales contracts, assemble the disclosure package and bring your home through its’ escrow.

They make a network of contacts, title companies, attorney’s, insurance companies, inspectors to serve their clients whom they know will perform.  A Realtor is like a finely tuned conductor who’s orchestra is the myriad of moving parts they assemble to make the job look easy.  That’s the key.  If it looks easy, then your Realtor has done their job and made you think, “I could do this”.  I ask  you, would you want to?  Kiss your Realtor today….they work hard for you.

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