Touring San Francisco Luxury Property

Today I took out a client who wanted to tour luxury property in all neighborhoods of the City!  That was a big bill to fill as luxury means something different to each person.  In this case, it was in the form of at least a 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath home of over 1800 SqFt, with a price point of $1m-$2.3m and up.

Luckily that is easily achievable in our town.  Though we are a great city, buyers often note, its’ diverse neighborhoods make it feel like a town.  We began our tour in St. Francis Woods.  Known as District 4, this neighborhood sports detached mansion like homes on larger parcels of property.  I would call this “the country in the middle of the city”.  Some of our oldest and most beautiful Mediterranean and Spanish style homes are in this neighborhood that exudes a charming elegance.  They loved West Portal, the 3 block shopping district at the base of St. Francis woods and its’ boutiques, pubs, cafe’s and art cinema.

Onward to Diamond Heights – up Portola Ave. where the views are spectacular and then onto Twin Peaks.  A lot of modern beauties in this neighborhood.  We quickly moved onto the North West side of Town and Took in Presidio and Laurel Heights, again they noted the charming Laurel Heights shopping Center with rear parking and our final destination, the Lake District.  I took them for a quick visage of Mt. Lake Park (a City secret-shhhh) and finally to Sea Cliff.

This was enough for one day.  We promised to cover Cole Valley, Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, North Beach and the Marina tomorrow!  My buyers noted that each neighborhood had a distinct flavor, style of architecture, weather and diverse shopping.  They noted, fog, some small streets, some busy streets, some flat areas, some hilly, each with their own special attributes!

As I say – the right house presents itself, at the right time.  I have seen time and again my buyers eyes light up when they enter the home they will purchase and its’ easy for them to make the decision, because it already feels like home!

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