This is Obama’s kind of Town

President Obama has come to town, to visit, raise his campaign profile and to raise funds.  We haven’t heard much from his camp, aside from today’s visit, about his campaign for the next term.  Though I enjoyed Michelle’s’ (yes, we are on a first name basis, at least in my book),  public announcements and TV appearances touting the humanity of our current present, his devotion to family and dog and his character as first and foremost, a man of ethics. She spoke clearly about the sacrifices that wife and children make to stand behind their man in the white house, and having said that – endorses him for another term out of her conviction that he will continue to be the right leader for our country or she and the kids would not be making this sacrifice again! 

Twitter and Facebook were all abuzz about avoiding downtown due to the congestion from the Presidents’ motorcade.  A small inconvenience.  I understand that the president himself hopped out of his car and picked up “To Go”, at the “Great Eastern”.  Judging from photos in the press, it must have been for his whole team as he had several large bags.  I’m curious, and will look into it, as to what his favorite dish is.  Do you take him for a Beef n’ Broccoli man, or sweet and sour chicken?

Small controversy over his order of Shark Fin Soup, as sharks are endangered and not allowed to be served unless purchased through legal channels.  This is something we can guarantee for him, wonderful authentic Chinese Food in San Francisco.

Next stop, a private home in Pacific Heights for fundraising event  followed by an overnight stay.  It’s easy to see that Obama hasn’t left his heart in San Francisco yet, but always makes an effort to meet and greet the people, like us, when he comes to town.



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