Tara S.,1st Time Home Buyer – Tenant-in-Common – Pacific Heights

Wow Erika!!!

Thank you so much for the fantastic closing gift! I’ve never done anything like that before, a full day at a spa, it sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you so much for finding the place (TIC) for me! I was talking with the other Buyers the other day and they were mentioning the Leavenworth place, and how this place was so much nicer and how happy they were they found it…I told them that my realtor took one look at Leavenworth and said “this isn’t the one, you don’t even need to see it.”

They said “Wow, you have a good realtor!”

I sure do.

I’ll definitely give you a call in a few years when I’m thinking of moving again, but I’m sure we’ll be keeping in touch in the mean time. It’s been fun Erika, Thank You!

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