Take a walk on the wild side

There is a special natural fabric of the city that is made by its’ open preserved space.  Golden Gate Park, The Presidio, Fort Funston, Fort Mason, Stern Grove, Mountain Lake Park, and Lands’ End. These spaces provide leisure activity in the form of hiking, walking, biking, picnicking and more. 

Take a approx. 3 mile round trip hike from near the Cliff House and Sutro Baths’ on a bay ridge trail with outstanding views to reach Lands end outlook bordering Sea Cliff neighborhood.  Travel to the base of Presidio to find Crissy field, an old airstrip on the former Army base that serves as a greenbelt for a lengthy bayside trail that leads from the Marina District to the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Presidio itself has multiple hiking trails where you can be among the trees and get away from it all, stretching from Crissy field all the way to Laurel Heights and the Richmond District.

How about our beaches, Ocean Beach and its’ boardwalk.  Walk along the water or the sea wall for several miles toward the San Francisco Zoo!  Fort Funston sits atop a cliff and is home to a dog walker’s heaven of trails and beach access.  Watch the paragliders here…there is plenty of parking.

Golden Gate Park is so vast, you would not be able to walk its’ entirety in a day.  One suggestion is quick walk is down behind The Beach Chalet  and its’ twisting trails surrounded by native foliage!  Or take a stroll around the Polo Field around 25th Avenue where soccer games and practices may be in session, and its’ surrounding trails that lead to other meadows, lakes and picnic spots.

Many local book sellers stock guides of the many trails and walks in nature to be had in our fair city!

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