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Jurlique – Natural Beauty


I ventured into the Jurlique store today on Fillmore in San Francisco. Years ago I was in the beauty business and I spent many hours getting ‘Jurlique’ facials. What you may not know is that it is an organic, alternative skincare brand and line that’s been around for over 20 years. I particularly remember the natural elements in the creams, they smelled so good, you felt like you could eat them, and they had texture too, like oatmeal in one of the face washes. Now, I don’t know if this is a contributing factor, but people tell me I look young all the time, and often I wonder if it’s from those lovely facials I received for so many consecutive years back then.

Any hoo – these days, I make sure to use up every little bit of cream and product I have before re-investing in another…waste not want not (I am my mother).  I am so excited to have found Jurlique again and to know that they tend the earth on their certified organic and bio dynamic farms, by growing the herbs and flowers used in their products. I’ll definitely head in there to purchase the regimen that’s right for my skin and feel darn good about it, knowing that I’m supporting a truly organic organization. Also, they give free mini facials, though you have to call to schedule. The San Francisco store is at 2136 Fillmore St., PH: 415-346-7881. Jurlique is hot, you’ve got to smell it and try it to believe it…this is a vital and vibrant product line, that’s been around for a while and has worked out all the wrinkles “Get it?”, kinda like me…  www.Jurlique.com

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