Sarah & Neal, Buyers – SFR on RH2 Fixer/Development – Inner Mission

Thank You Erika,

My husband and I cannot Thank you enough for your hard work and effort on our behalf.

We came to you during the early spring of 2006 and wanted to purchase a single family home as a fixer or on an RH2 lot so that we could develop it. You provided us with the listings & resources to assist in our search. We did find several properties and made offers, although the market was very active and we were unsuccessful. We then decided that we would wait until fall, increase our finances and hope for a change in the market.

You continued to keep us informed of properties that may have met our needs. We were so impressed that we came back to you early this fall when we began to look again. Once we decided upon the property we wanted, you were right there, prepared and explained our offer to us in terms we could easily understand, worked the odd hours required to present the offer, since there were competitors and you made it happen for us.

You were also great at keeping my husband informed regarding what he might expect when improving the property, looking into title difficulties, and making sure all of the tenants vacated before we took possession. This wasn’t an easy deal, but you made it look like it was.

We will definitely use you again when we sell this development property. We highly recommend you to any and all prospective real estate sellers or buyers.

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