San Francisco’s Tradition of Building Murals Thrives!

San Francisco has a tradition of fostering its’ artists and creative’s.  Nowhere is this as evident as with the prolific amount of mural art exhibited on the exterior of buildings throughout the city!  This art expresses local tradition, cultural expression and adds a dimension to the city that makes us unique.

Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visual Center at 2981  24th St., in the Inner Mission is home to a non-profit mural arts center, store and awareness program representing local mural art and artists. Visit their locale to purchase posters of the art and find out more about the locations and artists.

In 2010 I represented a listing at the corner of 21st and Bryant which was covered in paintings that were literally out of this world.  Purple spaceships, stars, and constellations made this building a standing treasure.  During this time, I found out that the City’s Historic Preservation Society is loosely in charge of the preservation of this type of art, in terms of protecting it.

A buildings owner is responsible for preservation of mural art on their buildings, which includes inheriting the artist who created it to further maintain it for posterity.  A new owner may not paint over the murals.  This building was consequently leased by a successful restaurant, Asiento.

Next time you take some time to act like a tourist in your own town, make a point of finding, enjoying and snapping a pic or two of our urban mural art.  It continues to inspire and amaze us.  Be cautious if you are lucky enough to be permitted to paint a mural  on the exterior of your home or building, it may be there for posterity…forever!


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