San Francisco Treasures, Our Museums

I confess, I’m addicted.  To San Francisco’s’ museums.  It’s true.  If you go to one, watch out, you will become addicted too, in a very good way.  There are dozens to choose from, many centrally located and accessible by public transportation.  Some are housed in architectural treasures, like the Palace of Legion of Honor on the Inner Richmond near Lands End.  Before you even enter you are entranced by the sweeping stair, the lawns and fountains, and the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  They offer changing exhibitions from all corners of the earth, along with their impressive old masters collection.  Last year I took in 2 exhibitions and saw a concert!

Another favorite is MOMA Museum of Modern Art,  www.sfmoma.comTheir  downtown building is impressive in it’s’ largesse.  The top floor sports a coffee shop and some phenomenal views of the bigger buildings up close and personal.  Their museum store where you are sure to find something unique is a treasure and regular stop for me when purchasing gifts for clients or friends.    Don’t miss their café for lunch and its’ outdoor tables.

Bringing a friend, your Mother or relative to a museum and lunch is a pleasure for all visitors. Most museums have educational programs, presentations by the artists themselves, evening receptions and fundraisers.  Most have some sort of garden or outdoor space for resting your weary artistically fulfilled bones during or after your visit.

San Francisco is home to the Asian Art Museum, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Randall Museum and even The Cable Car Museum.  There or many more to mention and visit.  If only work didn’t interfere with my cultural education, so I’m asking you to go for me, if not with me and don’t be surprised if you get an invite from me to one of their openings, galas or fundraisers.

Start your planning  at the fine arts museums at,

Here is a map to see how many there are to discover:


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