San Francisco boot camps are all the rage

San Francisco boot camps are all the rage.  I don’t mean the military kind, but rather the sunrise exercise classes taking place outside, in all neighborhoods throughout the City.  Anywhere from 4 large groups of fitness devotees will be taken on a series of high intensity exercises using the environment for props and as a backdrop.  Ever see a group stretching at the big magnolias in Delores Park.  Or doing push-ups against a bike rack?

Thinking my Yoga routine had qualified me, I decided to join a boot camp recently and I’m embarrassed to report that I made it through the warm-up and not much more.  I realized that I have to ramp up my routine just to join these dedicated athletes.

Boot camps are a way to ramp up your workout routine while enjoying the outdoors. Not for the faint of heart, one would likely need to be fairly fit, just to participate.  The trainers are not dissimilar to the drill sergeants in the military in their bearing and fortitude, yelling out instructions and urging the participants to work harder, faster, dig deeper, encouragingly so.  Looking for a local boot camp?  Go to: or  to get started.  I think you will be able to find one close to home, its’ just that you probably aren’t getting up that early now…but oh, you will be when you join!  Snap to! fitness junkies; and join the boot camp craze.

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