Re-Charge It! Camping & Batteries – Lots of ‘Em

recylcled batteries

I went camping last weekend and I’m proud to say that all of our equipment that needed batteries, were either wind up flashlights or used rechargeable batteries.  We made the original investment and get a feel good vibe everytime we charge our batteries in ad

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vance and have plenty of light at our campsite and are helping the environment at the same time.  Not to mention the resources we are saving when going it outside with the elements…that’s another story.

Here’s a recently published peice:

We all use batteries at home and work-lots of them.  In California, we buy over 500 million houshold batteries (anythingsmaller than a car battery). They power our cell phones, lap tops, ipods, hand tools, toys and more.  And that’s a problem since houshold batteries contain heavy metals and cannot be sent to the landfill.

If we can’t throw them out, how can we handle this big problem that comes in a tiny toxic package?  Your local garbage company and County hazardous waste program work together to collect and recycle these batteries.  But even with curbside collection and otherconveniences, less than 1% get recycled now.  So clearly we need to increase awareness, to recycle more, and especially to find ways to use fewer batteries to meet our growing needs for portable power.

While using devices that don’t require batteries (like a wind-up watch) its a great solution, they can be difficult to find these days.  Chances are that you are using a different solution-without even thinking about it.  Every time you plug in your cell phone, laptop, or cordless power tools, you are reecharging the battery.  Come can be recharged up to a thousand times, adn most last two to five years.  If you had to replace that battery each time, you would use up hundreds of them – what an expensive waste!

But what about those items you buy that don’t come with batteries included?  Every time you buy a bettery for one, you have a decisiont o make:  single-use battery, or rechargeable types, and the charging stations, too.  And when the rechargeable battery eventualy wears out, you can take it back to any store that sells them for free and safe recycling,. (It’s the law, in California.)

rechargeable-batteriesBy spending a little more for your home rechargeable batter set-up today, in the long run you will save time, money, and make your local community a safer, ehalthier place to live.  That’s an investment you can get charged up about!

Re-published from Volume 1 Issue 1- Page for of the P3 Pollution Prevention Post – Published by San Mateo County Environmental Health (650) 363-4305

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