Pinterest – The newest Social Networking Platform!

Attending a webinar this morning on Pinterest, which is the fastest growing social networking site.  I’m learning that it’s all about the topics and how creative you can be in naming your topic.  You can put links back to your Blog and site which is key.

Pic from a Bora Bora Pinboard

Their method of reaching out is through pinboards that house photos of your choosing that you can caption and therefore form an outline of whatever it is you have to say or are promoting.  Since it is so easy these days to take pics and upload them right away -this should be an easy fit for most of us. 

It’s a little addicting to browse their pinboards and entertaining as there are endless categories.

Turns out the population that use pinterest are made up of homeowners! This should be a good fit for real estate to make an impression, not only of the homes listed for sale in a given area, plus some up close and personal info on the agent making the page, so that you can get to know them through pictures.

Will this bridge what I call “the social networking trust gap”?  It’s hard to build trust on-line for the prospect perusing my listings or visiting my website and blog at Perhaps Pinterest is the answer and the posted pics will allow viewers insight into the “real me”.  We like immediate gratification and this provides it in terms of imagery.

Pinterest requires an invitation, Anyone want to provide me with one???


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