On the Fence to Remodel Your Home?

Now is the time to do it! The remodeling industry is suffering a double dip in sales, not unlike the double dip in home prices. So the logic of this being a buyers market and the time to buy an affordable home applies to the remodeling market. Now is an amazing time to budget for and negotiate a home improvement deal.

The Fall 2011 U.S. Remodeling Sentiment Report* shows that the unrelenting bad news about the economy this summer is driving many homeowners to reconsider and either delay or scale back their remodeling plans. This contraction in spending is expected to last until summer 2012.

So for those of you homeowners sitting on that remodeling fence- jump already! Now is a great time to at least go comparison shopping for a contractor, architect or materials and try to lock costs as much as possible now, before a potential 2012 rush.

Or bite the bullet and start remodeling! Save money by actually getting the work done at bargain-basement prices and have an upgraded home poised to benefit from the remodeling job’s added home value. If selling is in the near future, the job could also have a possible impact on the sale price.


*This RemodelOrMove report generates data by sampling of 5,000 homeowners via an online survey containing about 70 questions about homeowners’ satisfaction with their current home and their plans if they remodel their existing home or if they move to a new one. All respondents are considering change — either moving or improving.




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