Chestnut St. is lined with cafes and boutiques

With spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz,  and the Bay, the Marina is one of the most scenic and user-friendly neighborhoods in the city.  Thanks to its many amenities—museums, shops, restaurants, and a grassy flat stretch of land perfect for kite-flying, running, or sunning—the Marina is desirable real estate for the young and affluent or the older and endowed.  The side streets are lined with cozy old-fashioned flats distinguished by art deco design.  Originally an Italian neighborhood, the Marina now houses some of that community’s oldest families who live in the elegant homes that line the waterfront.  Residents enjoy unobstructed views of the activities that take place outside their windows: sailboats waiting impatiently for their owners to release them from their slips, while roller-bladers gleefully whiz by on the smooth pavement of Marina Boulevard.  A grassy park, aptly called Marina Green, runs parallel to the Bay and plays host to volleyball tournaments, dog walkers, and fitness fans.

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