Maiden Lane-The Quaint Shopping Street you don’t want to miss

Talking about Union Square for holiday shopping, take a seat on the parks’ steps or benches in the center and watch the passerby while you determine what world class shop to visit!

Weekends you may find art events, performances and in the winter an ice skating ring.  A preserved plot of land that can never be built on due to a trust of its’ original owner.  Around the square are some of the most famous stores in the world!  This is luxury shopping  and dining central, but know that a deal can still be had.

My favorite secret of the area is Maiden Lane.  A 2 block side street between Geary and Post, featuring shops like Hermes, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Brittex Fabrics, a number of salons and  charming little cafes with outdoor tables.  During the day, the street is blocked to traffic for easy navigation and dining.  These are the back door entrances to these highly touted shops, making your journey quaint.  Take in their windows that change regularly for some high art window dressing.  When the ballet season began last year, almost every vendor featured mannequins with authentic vintage ballet costumes.

After taking a stroll on Maiden Lane make sure to visit the main drags off Powell for a visit to the theatre district a few blocks away and restaurants like Morton’s, Farallon and The Cheesecake Factory above, in Macy’s.  Some grand hotels surround the square, like Sir Francis Drake, The Westin St. Francis, and a few blocks away The Fairmount (an historic treasure), The Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel with it’s Top of the Mark bar featuring wrap around views.

Finished with the square?  Hop on a trolley car and head through Chinatown to North Beach and finally the Embarcadero for some more world class views, cultural immersion and uniquely San Francisco dining and shopping.

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