Inner Sunset

Some of the Parks in the Sunset

This narrow little neighborhood squeezed between Golden Gate Park and Kirkham Avenue sprouted out of the sand.  From the eastern boundary of Stanyan Street, the Inner Sunset District runs along the four wide avenues of Lincoln, Irving, Judah and Kirkham and ends at 19th Avenue.  Once a wasteland of billowing dunes, the Inner Sunset is now a family neighborhood, chock full of outstanding restaurants, cafes and sandwich shops.  The N-Judah Muni rail line slices through the district, providing fast downtown access via the Judah Streetcar Tunnel.  Lincoln Way provides a quick outlet for cars headed in toward the Haight, or out toward the Outer Sunset and Ocean Beach.  The border with Golden Gate Park gives residents easy access to the wild green forests and man-made green fields of this San Francisco landmark.  Though Lincoln Way is the neighborhood’s main artery, the main commercial district runs along the length of Irving Street.  Blessed by a wave of Asian-American immigration in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the area boasts some of the city’s finest Asian restaurants, including the award winning Ebisu Sushi and the wonderful Marne Thai several doors down.  Dotted up and down this corridor are numerous restaurants, boutiques, shoe shops and novelty stores.  There is no shortage of sub shops, sandwich shops, creperies and coffee houses as well.  The area’s oldest waterhole, the Little Shamrock has been servicing locals since 1893.  Don’t overlook the charm and walk-ability of this little neighborhood hub.  Very convenient to UCSF and USF it lives up to it’s role of providing  housing to the residents and students who work and school there.  Close to park and a direct line to the beach –what’s not to love.

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