Hot new Lunch Spot in SF! Yummmmmmm…..

Hi All!  It was my colleagues turn to take me to lunch today – we check in monthly and compare business notes, chat about our successes and how we can improve!  We’re modern women looking for dining that reflects our sophisticated palates!

CompanyLunchThis time, I chose a new spot within 3 blocks of our Vanguard Properties office in the Inner Mission. The restaurant is “Company”.  It’s chic interior welcomes you, followed by the presentation of an impressive menu offering impeccable food choices. Our sandwich choice came with salad or fries and a cup of soup for $3 extra.  Since it was Parsnip soup, we both made the addition and chose the Open Brisket Sandwich.  Well….the salad was to die for, lightly tossed in a parmesean dressing, full of steamed beets and veges chopped in an enticing way, with wild greens.  The sandwhich of sheared brisket was heaped on a pumpernickel brioche bread and topped with a horseradish aioli slaw.  That’s 3 separate sammy’s in the pic!  Best described as fresh, innovative and delicious.

I would never be able to explain our dish as sumptiously as our server did.  He  made the food sound like art, and upon its’ arrival we were convinced.  I’ve now made it my Mission to let everyone know about this lunch spot and will be sure to take clients here.  They have a lovely wine list. (Although today was not that kind of lunch). After lunch, Owner, Thuay greeted us in such a friendly, warm manner.

We feel like we have made new friends and know of a secret gourmet spot in which to return again and again to try everything on their menu.  Hurry over, and afterwords take a stroll at the interesting shops, just a block away on Valencia.  Tell me what you think of our favorite new lunch spot, “Company” at 1000 Guerrero St. at 22nd. 415-374-7479


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