Happy New Year Everyone! Jan 1. 2012

Celebrating New Year’s, is kind of like a collective birthday, except there are no candles to blow out when you make your wish known as “The New Years’ Resolution”.  I quizzed a dozen people at our annual office party and came up with a dozen different resolutions.  “To get my teeth whitened, and work on smiling more”.  I liked that one….it was easily achievable.  How about, “learning to balance work and play, since I work all the time”.  I’m still waiting for the answer to that one myself.  “I’m going to be nicer to my ________”.  If you fill in the blank with husband, then I say – good luck.  There’s not a wife on the planet that has successfully fulfilled that one, in my opinion.  Never to late to try though. Starting the year with the thought is as good as making it happen.  Reasonable goal setting.

2011 was a tough year with the mortgage crisis, skyrocketing unemployment, vacillating stock market, natural disasters and a general level of uncertainty that pervaded.  A chance to start afresh with renewed zeal is generally welcomed by all.  So this holiday, replete with popping champagne bottles, fancy dress, galas and major promises to ourselves and others is a tradition that unites us globally in a promise for a brighter, better tomorrow.  At least after we recover from the festivities!

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