George R.,Seller – 2 Units Split Levels – Inner Sunset

RE: Erika Burke,

Recently, I made the decision to sell my duplex property in San Francisco. Erika Burke of Zephyr Real Estate developed as a candidate and provided me with references on request, which I followed up on. All of my inquiries elicited good, supportive responses, and reassured, I chose Erika as the agent for my listing.

With the advantage of hindsight, the decision to engage Erika was very positive. She turned out to be energetic, astute, communicative and cooperative real estate professional. She overcame the obstacle of a tenant with attitude and made sure all of the deal details were properly addressed. With her leadership the sale was smoothly managed culminating in a quick and successful real estate closing.

I recommend Erika wholeheartedly. I feel sure that she would be an excellent choice for anyone contemplating a property sale in San Francisco.

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