Forrest Hill

Forrest Hill Stairway

Forrest Hill is another one of those tucked away secret parts of San Francisco that tourists and even locals usually don’t see unless they’re visiting someone who lives there.  People make it up to Twin Peaks, but they rarely take notice of Forest Hill nestled on the other side.  Since Forest Hill is strictly residential, its’ not much of a draw for visitors.  But if you’re into seeing different parts of San Francisco, walk down the Grand Pacheco Stairway (which some say is the grandest and most elegant stairway in the city) from Castaneda Avenue to Magellan. The residents of Forest Hill are primarily upper middle-class, in part because the houses in the neighborhood are large and quite expensive.  The vast majority are owner occupied, meaning this is not the place to find a rental unit either, but it is the place to find a detached home with some land around it that was probably built with a lot of personality and family in mind.

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