Fantastic GREEN Links and Lots of them

Here is a great list of links to check out regarding all things GREEN that you might think of including, GREEN building, energy, tips, walkability, water, land use, design, recycling, interior designers, shopping, conservation, fuel efficiencyand more.

Carbon Footprint Calculators:,,

American Wind Energy Association Source:

National Wildlife Foundation provides an online water caluclator:

Center for Neighborhood Technology indexing tool:

SustainLane index:

Yale Envirnmental Performance Index:

What Causes Sprawl, National Center for Policy Analysis 2003:

Walkability Scores:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:


Residential Services Network (RESNET) HErs SCORE: WWW.RESNET.US

American Society of Interior Designer, Inc., REGREEN Guidelines 2008 & case studies:

US Dept. of Energy:

Alameda County Waste Management Authority & Source Reduction and Recylcling board, Home Remodeling Green Guidelines:

2007 “The Green Homeowner, Attitudes, Preferences for Remodeling & Buying Green Homes”:

Forest Stewardship Council:

Green Seal:

Whole building Design guide:

National Association of Home builders:

Model Green Home Building Guidelines:

Health House Builder Guidelines:

Residential Building Diagnostic tools:

American Institute of Architects “Walk the Walk campagian:

Green Products:

Bean Products-Thrash Cans and other cool products:

Green Janitorial supplies:

Recycle Info:

Video, The Story of Stuff:  www.storyof

California Dept. of Conservation:

Energy Star fact sheet:

Fuel Efficiency:

C oming soon – a review and blurb about my website reccommendations!  I’d say this a good start though, happy browsing!

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