Eric K., Seller – Lot with Plans and Permits to Build a Single Family Home – Glen Park

I’m not a man of many words but I’d like to let you know about how impressed I was with the job you did selling my lot and project at 538 Laidley St., Glen Park.

I came to you several months ago, reluctant to put this property on the market due to some litigation issues I was having with a neighbor while trying to entitle the lot for development. It took a while for you to convince me I could accomplish what I wanted to, which was to sell this project.

You assured me that you would be able to sell this lot OFF MARKET so that I wouldn’t have to put up a sign and deal with that neighbor any more. Well, you really delivered. We had an offer and it fell out of contract. Then you brought me a second offer through your contacts and even a third offer that you advised me to keep in back up position. It even got a little tense when the Buyer with the accepted offer wanted to re-negotiate the purchase price at the last second, but we held firm and now the deal has closed.

I am a Contractor and Builder and knew of your reputation, now I will always come to you first, if I am looking to buy or when I need a top professional to sell my developments. I know I can really count on you and in my business that means a lot.

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