Cow Hollow

Marina Green

Cow Hollow is the neighborhood outlined by Broadway, Lyon and Lombard streets and Van Ness Avenue.  It’s best known for its Union Street commercial district and the well-groomed yupsters who enjoy the many restaurants, bars, cafes, boutiques,and galleries.  If you can afford the high rents, Cow Hollow is among the city’s most livable neighborhoods, offering residents the safety of a suburb, the nearby green spaces of Marina Green and the Presidio, and the urban convenience of union and Fillmore streets.  For these reasons, the neighborhood is popular with families and single, white-collar professionals.  Union Street, especially between Octavia and Steiner streets, is Cow Hollow’s most obvious claim to fame.  There you will find a continuous promenade of well-dressed shoppers and restaurant-goers interspersed with the fresh-faced, athletic-looking locals returning from errands or a jog.  Union Street is also home to art galleries, antiques shops, and price furniture stores.  As for restaurants, they range from formal sit-down to take-out.

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