Cole Valley

Natural Food Store 'Real Foods'

Tucked between the chaotic hipness of the Upper Haight and the sleepy affluence of Sutro Forest and Buena Vista Heights, Cole Valley is a tiny, quiet neighborhood that feels more like a quaint community than a big city.  It is populated by settled yuppies who, from the looks of it, put a lot of thought into gardening.  Flowers seem to be everywhere, gracing the tops of tall wooden gates, color-coordinated to match the Spanish tile on the front steps.   For a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood, and one of the most spectacular views in the city, climb Tank Hill, via the rickety, wooden staircase at the end of Belgrave Street off 17th.  Locals frequent the spot for watching fireworks.  What locals will not find in Cole Valley are banks, huge grocery stores and that ever-present San Francisco landmark, Walgreens.  This is a neighborhood unpopulated by chains and franchises, and shoppers are likely to find the store’s owner working behind the counter.  The main drag is a bit more “big city” with dozens of cafes and restaurants, some of which are considered some of the best Bay Area dining spots.

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