Blog Post: San Francisco Realtor endorsed by 1st Time Homebuyers.


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Duffy Family pic

A special endorsement for me as a Realtor, from a lovely family, 1st time home buyers in San Francisco.  I’m so grateful!  Thanks Duffy Family, enjoy your new home!

“Dear Erika,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping Gerry and I through a process that became a lot more complicated than we expected. Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your patience, veracity, and guidance in buying our first home. We knew buying a house would not be easy, especially buying a probate, but you were there every step of the way to make sure we felt comfortable and confident in our decisions. You knew all the in’s and out’s of this complicated purchase and became our personal cheerleader :). We would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking to buy a house…..in any city! Your great attention to detail, creativity, and profound knowledge in real estate is amazing.  We are forever indebted to you!”                                                                                                  With Sincere Thanks,  Stephanie and Gerry Duffy

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Hayes Valley Tech Couple Endorse Realtor

I’m so grateful that my recent sale of 432 Ivy Street, San Francisco, CA, a  single family, 3 Bedroom, 3.5 bath home for $1,380,000. located in Hayes Valley was purchased by  a beautiful, charming and newly married tech couple which resulted  in the following endorsement. 

1st time homebuyer’s, Dan and Kristine said, “Thank you again for being so wonderful during the process!”

“Erika was extremely helpful during the home buying process.  She worked closely with us to understand the type of property we were
interested in and helped us find many places to look at so we could continue to refine what we wanted.  Once we found a place she did an amazing job helping us come up with an aggressive pre-market offer.

She put together and submitted the offer over a few hours on the weekend and was super responsive to all of our questions.   She was always on top of what needed to be done, worked closely with the mortgage officer to make sure everything was moving smoothly for a very fast closing window.  We were very pleased with Erika and highly recommend her to anyone in the real estate market.”

Having strong representation in a competitive market helps.  Give me a ring and let’s match you to your home  or help you to sell and move ahead soon!

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Dinner with recent 1st Time Homeowners and Their Endorsement

One of my husbands’ favorite restuarants in San Francisco is the “original” flagship restuarant, Fresca, a Peruvian delight on West Portal Avenue where we have been dining for 10 years! This was our choice to take my clients who just closed on their Twin Peaks home at 20 Parkridge Dr. #9 for $510,000.  This 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, gorgeous condo had been completely remodeled like new and for an extra bonus, the majestic Downtown and Bay views were just what they were looking for and reportedly, are very happy with.

“We are writing to express our gratitude in working with Realtor Erika Burke. We have just purchased our first home and are very happy with Erika.  She has been the catalyst to get us through the anxiety-producing process of buying a home, streamlining the process and making it happen in a timely manner. Not only has she guided us through the purchase with extensive real estate knowledge, but Erika is also personable and humorous enough to make it a joy. We are completely satisfied with the outcome. Erika has been the greatest agent, and we recommend her to everyone.”  G. Soltani – Buyer

The Food and wine, Albarino as always, are outstanding.  Try authentic dishes like Lomo Saltado – Sliced Steak in scrumptious sauce over rice or fries, a traditional Peruvian dish, or Corvina over risotto cake with an Ancho Sauce or Baked Trout in an iron skillet, Camarrones al Pisco; an appetizer with a Pisco sauce that is not to be missed.  My Mom and husband rounded out the group for a glorious meal and celebration!!


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Morgan B.- 20 Something Buyer – 2 Bedroom TIC – Twin Peaks


“Kristen, Morgan and I all wanted to express our appreciation to you for your superlative effort on our behalf in connection with our recent property purchase in San Francisco.  We feel that fate guided us to you as you could not have made the process any easier or more enjoyable than you did.  From the initial property search, to the offer on our selected property, to the escrow process through closing and beyond, you were there for us each step of the way providing the ultimate in professional service.  Your efforts far exceeded anything we expected and we are eternally grateful for all of your assistance.  We look forward to paying you the highest compliment we can, referring any of our friends or family who are looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area.  Thank you again.”



Morgan, Steve and Kristen Barnes

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San Francisco based Real Estate firm announces their “21 Club” of Top Producers for 2011

Today Vanguard Properties, the well-known San Francisco real estate firm headed by Principal James Nunemacher for nearly 30 years, announced the “21 Club” Top Producers of Vanguard Properties for 2011, including Erika Burke.The achievements of these very hard working Realtors and Broker Associates are recognized yearly by the firm, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Quote start“We are thrilled with all of our agents performance and this past year’s gain in what has been touted as a down national real estate market,” said Mr. Nunemacher.Quote end

The 2011 year end numbers for Vanguard Properties posted close to a 30% gain in sales over 2010. “We are thrilled with all of our agents performance and this past year’s gain in what has been touted as a down national real estate market,” said Mr. Nunemacher.

The firm is looking forward to yet another year of growth with the opening their new sales office in downtown San Francisco located at 199 New Montgomery Street.

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Cynthia L. & Sam L., Buyers – Single Family Home – Tiburon

Erika Burke was assertive and exceptionally resourceful while our family was on the hunt for a home that suited our many needs, and proved to be accessible, highly informed, expertly skilled and continually gracious. Erika scoured the city environs to uncover every possible gem available, tirelessly and passionately advocating on our behalf while guiding us through a complicated close. Erika has the ability to observe and understand a client’s needs. We can’t imagine a better partner through the process and do now call Erika a trusted source and friend.
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Arlene & Bruce, Repeat Clients – Single Family Home, Mini Mansion – Lake District

We too appreciated our time with you. We loved your loyalty and integrity and stick-to-itiveness when the going got tough 

– Sellers

We were immediately struck by Erika’s professionalism and honesty, so much so that we decided that she would be our real estate agent…her knowledge, skills and commitment were so evidently exceptional from the start that we never considered looking for someone else. Erika lived up to this confidence every step of the way.
She was relentless in finding houses for us to view, energetic in previewing houses so we didn’t need to make fruitless trips to San Francisco and determined not to let us settle for something that would not meet our needs. Her home previews were especially critical as we were living in New York City during much of the search. During that time she spoke with us almost daily and gave detailed, lively and often remarkably entertaining accounts of the strengths and weaknesses of various prospective homes. This process took eight months and she never wavered in her commitment and enthusiasm.
Erika also knows San Francisco intimately, has incredible contacts such as architects, contractors, service people and the list goes on. Her resources are limitless and they are always prompt, honest and efficient. In addition she is always ready to make the call to be sure you get the best service.
Buying a new house can be a stressful time but with Erika as our realtor with looked and bought with great confidence.

– Buyers

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The Wrights, Buyers – Condo – Marina

Erika is a fantastatic Realtor! My husband and I highly recommend her.
Thank you for everything Erika. We LOVE OUR HOME and are so happy that you worked such magic to get us through a competitive purchase. We had a short time frame in which we could purchase a new place and she worked with us non-stop until we found the most perfect place possible. She understands the San Francisco market and when a good deal comes along. She was always prepared and ready to jump on an opportunity at a moment’s notice. If you are thinking about buying real estate in San Francisco, I highly recommend you talk with Erika!

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Chuck & Sandy D., Out of State Sellers – Detached Single Family – Lakeshore District

When my father passed away in January, 2009, I didn’t know how I would clean up his house and put it on the market. My parents moved into the house in 1971 and never up graded the house. There was ALOT of work to be done and since I live in Arizona, I knew it would take months or even a couple years before I could finish the job. I decided to find a real estate office that could watch the house while I was away. Being a SF native, I wanted to look for a company that had been around a while and had a presence. Looking online, I found several, but Zephyr Real Estate looked the most promising.

That’s when I met Erika.

I told her what I had planned to do. She told me what the market was like and should think about selling. She told me that she could have the place cleaned up; refreshed and put on the market by June 16th. This conversation took place in May 21, 2009. It was an aggressive plan and there was a HUGE amount of work to be done and a short amount of time to accomplish it. She became my eyes and ears on the project. She was an amazing project manager, getting her army of contractors together and finishing the work on time.

My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with Erika’s professionalism and management skills and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by us. She was able to do the impossible. We will be forever grateful! If you want someone who works HARD to SELL your house, RUN, don’t WALK to hire Erika

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Dave Wasserman, President San Francisco Apartment Association, Seller – 2 Unit Mixed Use- Inner Mission

“Erika’s work ethic is beyond comparison – she never quits. Many agents claim to work 24/7, but this is the real deal! Rarely have I seen this degree of dedication.”


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Rose R., Seller – 3 Units Plus – Noe Valley

I recently hired, Erika Burke, to help sell a property in San Francisco. It’s a daunting task to sell property at anytime, but when you also live a thousand plus miles away it’s simply overwhelming.

Choosing Ms. Burke as my agent was the best thing that ever happened to me. She is extremely easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and fantastic at guiding you through the process of selling your property.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Burke, to anyone contemplating selling a property. She is truly a rare find

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C. Hegarty, First Time Home Buyer – Single Family – Ingleside Heights

Thank you so much for the smooth and professional handling of my escrow. I appreciate all of your expertise and personal attention in expediting this transaction. I found you much more attentive and committed than any other real estate agents that I have worked with in the past. I will be recommending you in the future to any of my friends or business associates who are purchasing property. Thank you so much.

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Eric K., Seller – Lot with Plans and Permits to Build a Single Family Home – Glen Park

I’m not a man of many words but I’d like to let you know about how impressed I was with the job you did selling my lot and project at 538 Laidley St., Glen Park.

I came to you several months ago, reluctant to put this property on the market due to some litigation issues I was having with a neighbor while trying to entitle the lot for development. It took a while for you to convince me I could accomplish what I wanted to, which was to sell this project.

You assured me that you would be able to sell this lot OFF MARKET so that I wouldn’t have to put up a sign and deal with that neighbor any more. Well, you really delivered. We had an offer and it fell out of contract. Then you brought me a second offer through your contacts and even a third offer that you advised me to keep in back up position. It even got a little tense when the Buyer with the accepted offer wanted to re-negotiate the purchase price at the last second, but we held firm and now the deal has closed.

I am a Contractor and Builder and knew of your reputation, now I will always come to you first, if I am looking to buy or when I need a top professional to sell my developments. I know I can really count on you and in my business that means a lot.

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A. Chan, First Time Homebuyer – Single Family – Sunset District

As a first time home buyer, everything about real estate was shrouded in confusion and mystery.  By luck I stumbled upon your services when I was looking at a home I really liked.  I probably didn’t appear to be a serious buyer due to my tender appearance, but you still took me seriously! 🙂 As a newbie with no knowledge of anything real estate, you explained everything to me in an easy to understand way.  Your intimate knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market and dealings in conjunction with your proactiveness, and thoroughness really went a long way in helping me get the starter house of my dreams! The next time I buy property in San Francisco, I would love to go through you again!

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George R.,Seller – 2 Units Split Levels – Inner Sunset

RE: Erika Burke,

Recently, I made the decision to sell my duplex property in San Francisco. Erika Burke of Zephyr Real Estate developed as a candidate and provided me with references on request, which I followed up on. All of my inquiries elicited good, supportive responses, and reassured, I chose Erika as the agent for my listing.

With the advantage of hindsight, the decision to engage Erika was very positive. She turned out to be energetic, astute, communicative and cooperative real estate professional. She overcame the obstacle of a tenant with attitude and made sure all of the deal details were properly addressed. With her leadership the sale was smoothly managed culminating in a quick and successful real estate closing.

I recommend Erika wholeheartedly. I feel sure that she would be an excellent choice for anyone contemplating a property sale in San Francisco.

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Ken G., Seller – 3 Units – Hayes Valley

Thanks Erika. The more experience we have with real estate agents the more we appreciate how professionally you do your job. Keep up the good work and you can’t help but continue to be extremely successful.

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Julia S., Buyer – 12 Units – Inner Mission

Erika, You knew just how to handle my husband.

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Steve & Erica, Buyers – SFR Development Property – Noe Valley

Dear Erika,

Thank you for bringing a great single family development property to us. My wife and I had been looking in Noe Valley for over a year and were pleased that you contacted us, as this property met our needs perfectly.

We found you to be communicative, up-front, concise and extremely knowledgeable. Your easy approach, efficiency, and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. It’s unusual to find a Realtor of your caliber.

We’re developing the property with the plans and permits that were included in the sale and hope that you will bring us the Buyer. When we’re ready to sell, you will be our first choice as a Listing Agent. It will be our pleasure to continue to do business with you. I would highly recommend you to anyone selling or buying Real Estate in San Francisco and am sure they will find you to be as “special as we have.

Thank you again for your effort on our behalf

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Caitroina,1st time Home Buyer – Condominium

I highly recommend Erika Burke for any real estate deals. I recently bought a condo. I found Erika to be very helpful, congenial and very responsible, always on top of everything. Actually, Erika was always ahead of the game. I found buying the condo was actually easier than buying my car. I intend to use Erika for all my real estate transactions in the future as she is extremely knowledgeable.

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James & Eileen, Buyers – 2 Units Plus – Outer Richmond

Dear Erika,

I wanted to express our gratitude to you regarding our recent real estate transaction. Indeed, as you had anticipated, it was tumultuous at times and, yes, my anxiety did not help. You certainly provided a much needed sense of security via your expertise, patience, and of course, sense of humor. We really appreciated your being so readily available to answer little questions as well as big ones.

Over the course of the last few years, we have been involved in several real estate deals, but this one was a stand out. An example of how a deal “should” go as you handled each issue expediently, and with true professionalism. As my husband had mentioned, “That was the easiest deal I have ever been involved in, thanks to Erika!”

We are now in our new home, settling in very well and even upgrading the other units. We just did not want the opportunity to thank you to pass. Suffice to say it was a pleasure to work with you and look forward to working with you in the future. We will recommend you at any and every opportunity. Good luck to you

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Sean O.,Buyer – Single Family Development – Outer Sunset

Dear Erika,

I want to express my sincere thanks for all your help and for keeping me sane while buying my first home and development project. I was expecting it to be a scary experience, but with you taking care of everything, the whole process was a breeze.

I will definitely call upon your services for all future real estate transactions! You are a star!!!

Thanks again Erika

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Gregg S, Buyer – Commercial Property – Richmond District & Development Property – Hillsborough

Dear Erika,

Thank you for representing me on yet, another successful real estate transfer. Last year, you brought a private purchase to me for a development property in Hillsborough. This year, I asked you to contact the owner of a commercial property in San Francisco which was adjacent to a family owned business of mine, that I have long wanted to purchase.

You displayed great diligence and effort for this, and all of our real estate dealings. I was finally able to acquire this property due to our collaboration on several negotiations with the Seller over the last year. I’m impressed that the final sale price was considerably less than our initial offer as well.

I can’t Thank You enough for sticking with it, though it was a challenging transaction. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell or purchase investment property in San Francisco. You have shown great patience, fortitude and tremendous knowledge. I applaud your honest, positive attitude and never-say-never approach. You made it trouble-free for me.

You know you are my “Go To” agent for all of my San Francisco development projects. It is always my pleasure doing business with you.

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Sarah & Neal, Buyers – SFR on RH2 Fixer/Development – Inner Mission

Thank You Erika,

My husband and I cannot Thank you enough for your hard work and effort on our behalf.

We came to you during the early spring of 2006 and wanted to purchase a single family home as a fixer or on an RH2 lot so that we could develop it. You provided us with the listings & resources to assist in our search. We did find several properties and made offers, although the market was very active and we were unsuccessful. We then decided that we would wait until fall, increase our finances and hope for a change in the market.

You continued to keep us informed of properties that may have met our needs. We were so impressed that we came back to you early this fall when we began to look again. Once we decided upon the property we wanted, you were right there, prepared and explained our offer to us in terms we could easily understand, worked the odd hours required to present the offer, since there were competitors and you made it happen for us.

You were also great at keeping my husband informed regarding what he might expect when improving the property, looking into title difficulties, and making sure all of the tenants vacated before we took possession. This wasn’t an easy deal, but you made it look like it was.

We will definitely use you again when we sell this development property. We highly recommend you to any and all prospective real estate sellers or buyers.

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Randa S., Seller – Victorian Fixer on RH-2 Lot – Inner Mission

Dear Erika,

I left my “heart” and my plum tree in the garden on Florida St. in San Francisco. You have given me a new plum tree for Sonoma, along with a good profit on my house.

Thank you for your gift and your expertise in real estate. It was a happy experience to work with you and I so appreciate you for that.

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Christine & Mark (Son & Daughter-in-law of Randa S)

Dear Erika,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the fantastic job you did with selling my mother’s home. She had lived in that house for almost 30years and the extra support and encouragement you provided really helped her separate from it relatively painlessly.

From our first meeting it was clear that you had the expertise and sensitivity to sell my mother’s house. Your patience in answering all our questions (no matter how insignificant) was very reassuring. We always felt confident that everything was “under control” and progressing forward.

The most amazing thing for us was that 14 days after the house went on the market my mother accepted an offer (significantly over the asking price) and 30 days later the sale was a “done deal”. From our prospective everything seemed to flow seamlessly but I know that it was your hard work, diligence and extreme thoroughness that was the driving force behind it all.

So ThankYou once again – our only regret is that we don’t have any more houses for you to sell for us. 

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Tara S.,1st Time Home Buyer – Tenant-in-Common – Pacific Heights

Wow Erika!!!

Thank you so much for the fantastic closing gift! I’ve never done anything like that before, a full day at a spa, it sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you so much for finding the place (TIC) for me! I was talking with the other Buyers the other day and they were mentioning the Leavenworth place, and how this place was so much nicer and how happy they were they found it…I told them that my realtor took one look at Leavenworth and said “this isn’t the one, you don’t even need to see it.”

They said “Wow, you have a good realtor!”

I sure do.

I’ll definitely give you a call in a few years when I’m thinking of moving again, but I’m sure we’ll be keeping in touch in the mean time. It’s been fun Erika, Thank You!

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Anthony M., Seller – Lot with Development Plans for 34 Units – Oakland

Dear Erika,

I really want to Thank You for how well you handled the sale of this development property. This wasn’t any easy deal, but you made it look easy even though it was challenging at times.

I have the utmost faith in you, as you know, since you have another one of my properties for sale right now. I will always use you for all of my projects, whether I have rehabbed or an entitled a property for sale. I know you will get the job done, professionally and with an excellent attitude. I know I can count on you and you can count on referrals from me.

Again, I can’t Thank You enough.

You really performed in a changing market.

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Bill F., Valley Home Fund Flipper – Remodeled Single Family with Addt’l. unit – Bayview Heights

In my home flipping business, I deal with many Realtors but it is not often I get to work with a wise professional like Erika. Erika confidently guided the marketing generating multiple offers, expertly handled the counteroffer process, and made the paperwork seem painless. The results speak for themselves: I received top dollar marketing a property during this rainy holiday season. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Erika.

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Elenie B. – Business and Homeowner – Inner Richmond

Erika Burke is the most professional realtor I have ever met for residential listings and sales commercial. Besides being so smart knowing San Francisco and being the BEST negotiator, she is so nice.
I use her for every real estate purchase and we refer her to everyone we know. If you want honest direct representation from a realtor who knows her stuff then run, don’t walk to the phone and call her. She’s is the best…plus she’s funny too. Thanks Erika!

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Barbara E., Seller – Commercial Dual Warehouse with Office – Bayview

Please be aware that Ms. Erika Burke will go the distance to sell your property! Ms. Burke used her many talents in marketing, her substantial network of contacts and other agents and negotiated the best deal I could have asked for in this terrible real estate market. Given the very difficult market in the past two years, I was very lucky to have such a dedicated agent who took her job of selling my property very seriously and very successfully, after many months in a declining and considerably worsening real estate meltdown of 2009. No matter how difficult the situation was she always was bringing new ideas to the table to keep my property in the forefront of the minds of the potential buyers and agents looking at commercial properties. Ms. Burke did more than just sell my property for me. She took a difficult situation and stayed positive, worked hard and helped me stay positive during this process. Ms. Erika Burke was a miracle maker! 

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