United States Green Building Council

GREEN Seminar Coming UP in San Francisco

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GREEN ENVY – The benefits of Green homes

Source: U.S. Green Building Council

More and more Amaericans are discovering the benefits of green homes. The advantages affect consuers’ health, wallet and the environment. For example:
~Toxin-free building materials help combat indoor air ollution, which can be worse than outdoor pollutiona and can pose serious health risks.
~The net cost of owning a greenhome is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home.
~Month to month, people who live in green homes save money by consming less energy and less water than standard homes.
~The value of a green home is often higher than that of a comparable standard home, and the amrket demand for green homes continues to rise.
~Local, state, and federal governments are increasingly offering tax breaks and other incentives for building certified green homes or adding green features to an existing home.
!Green homes use 40% less energy than comparable standard homes.
~Efficient plumbing and bathing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-conserving irrigation systems help green homes use less water than standard homes.
~Far fewer natural resources are used in the construction of a green home. Many green building materials have significant recyled content.

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United States Green Building Council Update

On Monday, President Obama introduced Paul Holland, Vice-Chair of Serious Materials at the “Investing in the Clean Energy Economy” event in Washington, DC. Mr. Holland is a venture capitalist with Foundation Capital and an investor in Serious Materials, a prominent Northern California green building materials start up.

USGBC-NCC is especially proud of this occasion as Brandon Tinianov, Chief Technology Officer of Serious Materials, is the Chair of the Chapter’s Silicon Valley Branch.

President Obama and Mr. Holland were joined by MIT President Susan Hockfield to talk about the Administration’s commitment to clean energy and a green economy. Emphasizing Serious Materials’ recent re-opening of a windows plant in Pennsylvania, the President commended Serious Materials on creating jobs that will fuel the America’s recovery and long-term prosperity.

This is good news for all of us, when GREEN building makes headlines and President Obama realizes how this sector of the economy will be seriously infused within the next 2-10 years and will create an entire new job sector. 

Something you will hear me say alot, “I’m encouraged.”

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