Twin Peaks Tech Chic 2 Bedroom SOLD for $535k, Only 2 left!

Guess where I’ll be this Sunday?  Happily showing the Memorial Weekend OPEN HOUSE on Sunday from 1-4:30pm at 20 Parkridge Dr. at Burnett off Market Street on Twin Peaks in San Francisco. 

I just SOLD Unit #12 to my ecstatic Buyer for $535,000.   Only 2, Two Bedroom Units are left!  #9 is offered for $519K.  What? Make sure to stop by and soak up these chic and beautiful,  fresh remodels featuring  hardwood floors, recessed lighting, new stainless appliances, parking and storage. 

 Enjoy a Modern | High Tech Open Living, Dining Kitchen Floor Plan filled with light from oversize double pane windows. New Stainless Steel Fridge, dishwasher, range and microwave.  Your two huge bedrooms are on either side of a spa like bathroom and the home features an in-home laundry with new machines. Take in the famous & enormous Downtown and Twin Peaks Panoramic Bay views from your private balcony.

A Few blocks from Molly Stones , Glen Canyon Park and centrally located in the middle of San Francisco for North or South commutes. Set beneath a green median and upon the hillside makes it private and accessible. A tremendous value for the location and comparable units currently on the market. Everyone who has purchased is delighted with their “find”.  Just right for the first time home buyer, student, professional, bachelor or bachelorette or a light and bright pied-a-terre.  Come and See me!

Showing by:  Erika Burke 415.321.7076, [email protected], DRE#01386234

Listing Agent, Vanguard Properties, Jonathan Deason


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Estates Group’s preferred Stager

Robin Chudy of Robinsnest Design is a stager whom we rely upon to add the furniture, design and staging that make our listings so appealing.

Robin has a wonderful eye, and always consults at the beginning of our listing process to make sure she has the right vision for the space.  She adds custom art (many of the pieces painted by Robin herself).  Robin goes the extra mile – making sure her stages remain pristine throughout the showing process.  I know that when Robin is called in to stage an Estates Group Listing not only will the job  be done with no fuss or issues, but it will exceed our expectations.  To see a sample of her work, visit our current listing at 450 San Bruno Ave., San Francisco, CA 94110.


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3 GREEN ideas for 2010

Some quick tips for how to get organized and add some green and sustainable practices to your life.

  1. Invest in a reusable water bottle….saves so many plastic bottles, and space in your kitchen for the palletes of water bottles.

  2. Reduce your paper billing – whenever you get the chance to pay bills online- do so!

  3. Bring your lunch to work and use washable/reuseable containers to cut down on wasteful disposable packaging!!!

  4. When looking to buy or rent San Francisco Real Estate, think and look for GREEN properties, and detail with your Realtor, Landlord and anyone involved on how to make the property more sustainable!

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Installation of a Carbon Monoxide Detector Suggested

Carbon Monoxide injuries and fatalities occur most often during the winter months.  Unlike natural gas, carbon monoxide has no smell and is virtually undetectable.  Closed windows limit fresh air circulation so that the danger of carbon monoxide poising is greatest.

Possible sources of that poinsoning are from gas burning appliances such as ranges, ovens, waterheaters, furnaces, etc. Malfunctioning gas burners, defective appliance flues or a damaged furnace are all conditions which can allow carbon monoxide to enter the living space.

Another common source of carbon monoxide entry is from either an improperly lit fireplace or a chimney with inadequate draft.  This could be caused from improperly lighting a fire, a partially opened damper or clogged chimney flue.

The symptoms vary from very mild (headaches, drowsiness, joint aches, dizziness) to extreme (flu-like symptoms, severe headaches, difficulty breathing, allergy symptoms, nausea). Depending on the level and length of exposure, carbon monoxide is lethal.  Carbon monoxide detectors (similar in design to a standard smoke detector) are readily available (drug stores, hardware stores,  home improvement stores) and cost under twenty-five dollars.  They are designed to sound a loud alarm when measuring any low level condition of carbon monxide.

In the City of San Francisco an Energy and Water inspection is mandated before the roperty can transfer.  During this inspection, the number, placement and effectiveness of smoke detectors are inspected, corrected and/or installed.  This is a perfect opportunity to ask for a carbon monoxide detector or the combination smoke and carbon momxide detector to be installed.  It may reflect a slightly higher cost for the Buyer or Seller but will be well worth the addition of an important detector that could save lives.  OR make sure that you update all of your current smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and go ahead and install them yourself – TODAY!!!

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Insulate Your Pipes! Save Money!

It’s true.  It’s New Years Day and I love to do things like clean out closets.  So my husband stays smartly out of the way and just came up to tell me that he had insulated our hot water pipes.

  Now you may have guessed, we are a GREEN household and always seeing to improve our recycling, energy efficiency, use of natural and re-use products, native gardening improvements and general home repair GREEn upgrades.  Natuarally I was pleased to hear he had insulated the pipes.

My husband also happens to be a plumbing contractor in the City of San Francisco and personally he is an avid recycler and energy improver! If he makes a plumbing call to your house, you can almost be sure he will advise you about what you can do to optimize your recylcling and energy comsumption.

Continue reading

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Great local Environmental Website

Our local San Francisco website for all things GREEN including         San Francisco Programs and Policies, Resources plus links to get anything recycled in SF!
Check it out at:

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Southwest is Launching a GREEN Plane

Green AirplaneWe are GREENing the Sky’s now as Southwest Airlines launches a green plane to their fleet.

They made the planes lighter, helping to reduce fuel emissions.  Their approach seems a bit gratuitous for now as they aim for replacing cabin materials with longer lasting product with the aim of reducing waste.  They have achieved LEED standards in Water Efficiency and more.  I’m always encouraged when any big businesss takes an interest in “being GREEN”.  I do love the name of Southwest’s Greening Initiative.  “Our Planet. Our Plane. Our Plan. ” 

It’s similar to my San Francisco Real Estate initiative. Real People. Real Property. Real Service.

Link to Southwet’s Greening Initiative:

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Recycle your Fridge, Earn a Gas Credit, Use CFL’s by PG&E in San Francisco

fridge recyclingold fridgeHowdy!  Look what I received today in my ValPak mailer.  A coupon from PG&E promoting Recycling, and energy savings.  The info below is what was on the coupon with all of their website links too!

Check out the program put into place by PG&E in San Francisco

It’s easy to recycle your old (still working) refigerator!  Guess who will do it for free and you will receive $35 dollars too! or PHONE 1-800-299-7573

Here are some other PG&E Links you might find useful

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San Francisco Real Estate Links for GREEN Buyers and Sellers

Green cityHey Folks!
Gavin Newsom just Twittered me about the launch of the new Green Cities Website, which is a collaboration of 10 cities GREEN Goals, we can participate in helping our City “Go GREEN”, read about Best Practices and keep up with what’s happening. Very inpsirational. I’ll be sure to post some of their San Francisco initiatives and events here.

See the article about the launch Here:

and the visit the New WEBSITE website here:

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Re-Charge It! Camping & Batteries – Lots of ‘Em

recylcled batteries

I went camping last weekend and I’m proud to say that all of our equipment that needed batteries, were either wind up flashlights or used rechargeable batteries.  We made the original investment and get a feel good vibe everytime we charge our batteries in ad

I am a Realtor representing buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in San Francisco and I make it my business to impart GREEN info to my clients on a regular basis.  Ask me about GREEN homes for sale, what you can do now to make GREEN improvements to your current sale OR when preparing your property for sale – ask me what Green features buyers are looking for before beginning your home repairs or improvements.
vance and have plenty of light at our campsite and are helping the environment at the same time.  Not to mention the resources we are saving when going it outside with the elements…that’s another story. Continue reading

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New Floors – Make them Bamboo Floors


Renewable flooring materials like Bamboo cost less than hardwood and look great.

Bamboo grows significantly faster than hard wood so it is sustainable. Some bamboos grow to over 60 feet in just 6 months.

Vertically oriented ‘carbonized’ 5/8 bamboo tongue and groove with pre-urethane top coat performs very well and looks terrific. Note that when comparing prices against hard wood, American oak is often cured longer and has less potential to buckle than cheaper imports that cost less than $5 / sq. ft. Bamboo costs about $3.50 / sq. ft. so the immediate savings on a 300 sq.ft. room (20′ x 15′ ) is about $450.

Consider bamboo for guest rooms, dens, home offices, or play rooms. You have many styles to choose from, but the vertical oriented system may wear better over time than the horizontal. The ‘carbonized’ finish is darker than the blonde finsh and it looks more like hardwood, and pre-finished boards with multiple coats of urethane will save on installation.

Also consider using bamboo instead of carpet. Installed carpet ranges from $1.25 to $2.50 per sq. ft. but you have to clean it and potentially replace it every 5 to 10 years depending on the wear.

The savings is immediate relative to wood, but the ROI Calculation is based on offsetting carpet at an average of $1.75 / sq. ft. for two 300 sq. ft. rooms with the need for a carpet replacement within 10 years.

The Bamboo ‘Grain’ is elegant and durable.

The tongue and groove boards come in easy to deliver and handle boxes.
Install it yourself or bring in the pros.
Bamboo looks great in transition with natural stone, carpet and oak.

Copied from Website:

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GREEN ENVY – The benefits of Green homes

Source: U.S. Green Building Council

More and more Amaericans are discovering the benefits of green homes. The advantages affect consuers’ health, wallet and the environment. For example:
~Toxin-free building materials help combat indoor air ollution, which can be worse than outdoor pollutiona and can pose serious health risks.
~The net cost of owning a greenhome is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home.
~Month to month, people who live in green homes save money by consming less energy and less water than standard homes.
~The value of a green home is often higher than that of a comparable standard home, and the amrket demand for green homes continues to rise.
~Local, state, and federal governments are increasingly offering tax breaks and other incentives for building certified green homes or adding green features to an existing home.
!Green homes use 40% less energy than comparable standard homes.
~Efficient plumbing and bathing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-conserving irrigation systems help green homes use less water than standard homes.
~Far fewer natural resources are used in the construction of a green home. Many green building materials have significant recyled content.

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Build new green homes and remodel existing homes in a healthy, environmentally friendly, efficient ways

The Resource & Your Guide:

Green Home Building

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Go Green with Low Flows for Bathroom Remodeling

The biggest culprit of unsustainability in the bathroom comes from excessive water usage, but in dichotomous ways. To truly make your bathroom greener, it is vital to manage the water coming in through the pipes, as well as water that flows out, whether it be through non-low flush toilets, or through the vapor from hot water. You can combat this with low flow showerheads and toilets, and faucet aerators. The showerhead and the faucet aerator both maintain the current feel of water pressure, but use much, much less water. However, the challenge does not simply end with these improvements, as the walls of the room must also be able to withstand the constant barrage of water and humidity, in conjunction with an exhaust fan that can work quietly and efficiently to clear the space of excess humidity. You will also want to invest in durable surfaces that can stand up to time.ga_3001

Before starting your Bathroom Remodeling Project, make sure you consider the desired function of the room, the existing conditions that one will have to deal with, the scope of the project, the size of the room, and the layout and space planning. Here it is in a little more depth:


A bathroom remodeling project can be enacted for a variety of reasons. And whether it is to fix a leak and its subsequent structural damage, to make the room more convenient, to grow with a family, to improve aesthetics, or just to upgrade the appliances and fixtures; the project will be an opportunity to consider purchasing green products in the face of more luxurious ones that serve a less vital function.

Existing Conditions

Consider the problems you face when going into the project to best be able to overcome them. For instance, the project could be driven by mold or moisture that has eroded the sanctity of the bathroom, or the electrical wiring for light fixtures and outlets could be old and in dire need of replace, and still others may wish to simply enlarge the space of the room. Think about what your goals are before you settle on a strategy.


When making upgrades and changes to the bathroom, it is helpful to consider improvements to the homes envelope as well. You may need extensive plumbing and wiring in the bathroom, and if you are considering further home remodeling projects, think about how your future goals for the whole house will be affected by the bathroom upgrade. Also, if you design the bathroom to be friendly for the elderly (i.e. higher stalls, wheelchair accessible), you will be able to inhabit the home for a longer period of time.


The larger your end goal, the more expensive and time consuming your project will be. Consider analyzing the current space, and refiguring the location of things to increase the functionality of your bathroom without disrupting other rooms in the house. Thinking of the home as an organism, instead of an object will lead one to understand that the more radical the change, the less likely you are to understand the full impact of the improvements until it is too late.

Layout and Space Planning

Before you get started on any major bathroom remodeling project, consult with an expert contractor who is familiar with the green technology improvements over the past few months. Not only will your options be clearer with the help of an expert, but he may also be able to point you in the right direction for tax credits on qualified items, which can really enhance the value of an energy efficient upgrade.

With proper planning, you should be able to come to a solution that preserves or enhances the aesthetics, while improving resource efficiency.

The information found in this article has been provided by the ReGreen Program, which is the result of the American Society of Interior Designers’ Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council partnering on the development of best practice guidelines and targeted educational resources for sustainable residential improvement projects. This program will increase understanding of sustainable renovation project practices and benefits among homeowners, residents, design professionals, product suppliers and service providers to build both demand and industry capacity. Learn more at is a free resource for anyone that wants to save energy, money, and the environment. The articles, product reviews, online tools, and return on investment calculations are researched from a diverse range of public and private sector sources. Overall, the company is passionate about saving money as well as creating healthy homes, offices, and lifestyles.

For a better idea of which improvements to your home will save you the most money the fastest, take a look at GREENandSAVE’s Return on Investment Table for your next Home Remodeling project. Or, consider taking a career in the rapidly expanding Green Industry with the EcoAcademy, which is training people across the country for Green Collar Jobs.

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