Enironmental Safety

Installation of a Carbon Monoxide Detector Suggested

Carbon Monoxide injuries and fatalities occur most often during the winter months.  Unlike natural gas, carbon monoxide has no smell and is virtually undetectable.  Closed windows limit fresh air circulation so that the danger of carbon monoxide poising is greatest.

Possible sources of that poinsoning are from gas burning appliances such as ranges, ovens, waterheaters, furnaces, etc. Malfunctioning gas burners, defective appliance flues or a damaged furnace are all conditions which can allow carbon monoxide to enter the living space.

Another common source of carbon monoxide entry is from either an improperly lit fireplace or a chimney with inadequate draft.  This could be caused from improperly lighting a fire, a partially opened damper or clogged chimney flue.

The symptoms vary from very mild (headaches, drowsiness, joint aches, dizziness) to extreme (flu-like symptoms, severe headaches, difficulty breathing, allergy symptoms, nausea). Depending on the level and length of exposure, carbon monoxide is lethal.  Carbon monoxide detectors (similar in design to a standard smoke detector) are readily available (drug stores, hardware stores,  home improvement stores) and cost under twenty-five dollars.  They are designed to sound a loud alarm when measuring any low level condition of carbon monxide.

In the City of San Francisco an Energy and Water inspection is mandated before the roperty can transfer.  During this inspection, the number, placement and effectiveness of smoke detectors are inspected, corrected and/or installed.  This is a perfect opportunity to ask for a carbon monoxide detector or the combination smoke and carbon momxide detector to be installed.  It may reflect a slightly higher cost for the Buyer or Seller but will be well worth the addition of an important detector that could save lives.  OR make sure that you update all of your current smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and go ahead and install them yourself – TODAY!!!

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Great local Environmental Website

Our local San Francisco website for all things GREEN including         San Francisco Programs and Policies, Resources plus links to get anything recycled in SF!
Check it out at: www.sfenvironment.org

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Recycle your Fridge, Earn a Gas Credit, Use CFL’s by PG&E in San Francisco

fridge recyclingold fridgeHowdy!  Look what I received today in my ValPak mailer.  A coupon from PG&E promoting Recycling, and energy savings.  The info below is what was on the coupon with all of their website links too!

Check out the program put into place by PG&E in San Francisco

It’s easy to recycle your old (still working) refigerator!  Guess who will do it for free and you will receive $35 dollars too!

www.ApplianceRecycling.com/PGE or PHONE 1-800-299-7573

Here are some other PG&E Links you might find useful

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Re-Charge It! Camping & Batteries – Lots of ‘Em

recylcled batteries

I went camping last weekend and I’m proud to say that all of our equipment that needed batteries, were either wind up flashlights or used rechargeable batteries.  We made the original investment and get a feel good vibe everytime we charge our batteries in ad

I am a Realtor representing buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in San Francisco and I make it my business to impart GREEN info to my clients on a regular basis.  Ask me about GREEN homes for sale, what you can do now to make GREEN improvements to your current sale OR when preparing your property for sale – ask me what Green features buyers are looking for before beginning your home repairs or improvements.
vance and have plenty of light at our campsite and are helping the environment at the same time.  Not to mention the resources we are saving when going it outside with the elements…that’s another story. Continue reading

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Assembly Bill makes it Easier to Return Units into Service after Meth Lab Remediation

State law requires the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to take removal actions with respect to illegal substances. On or before October 1, 2008, DTSC was required to develop health-based target remediation standards for methamphetamine labs. CAA worked actively on the initial law that put these DTSC standards in place. Hundreds of single family rentals and even some apartment units have been boarded up after a meth lab was found. Clean up standards were imperative in order to get these units back on line.

AB 1489 changes existing remediation standards for the benefit of the property owners while taking into consideration the safety of the tenants. The standards have now been developed and various studies have found that property contaminated by methamphetamine laboratory activity is safe for human occupancy if the level of methamphetamine on an indoor surface is less than, or equal to 1.5 micrograms per 100 square centimeters. The standard currently established in law is lower and harder to achieve at .1 micrograms per 100 square feet.

CAA supports this legislation. The bill currently has passed out of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials and is currently awaiting a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

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