New SOMA Release! 2Bed/2Ba Exquisitely Remodeled, 1119SF, $549k-$595k

New SOMA release of 6 stylishly remodeled homes at 181-191 Russ Street. Steps from the best culinary, shopping, arts and recreational destinations in the district. Walking distance to Whole Foods Market, ATT Park, and Draves Park 1/2 block away make this a city dwellers dream location.  Each freshly remodeled spacious two-bedroom two-bathroom home at features hardwood floors, high-efficiency lighting, all new kitchens with stainless appliances, modern bathrooms, large bedrooms and stunning open floor plans with Bay Windows. Storage and In Unit Laundry Room included. Low HOA fee. Asking $549,000-$595,000. Walkscore of 98, Transportation score of 100, Great Biking.

Early OPEN Sunday 1-4:30PM. Call Erika, Showing Agent, for private viewing 415-321-7076, Erika Burke, Top Producer DRE#01386234

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Blog Post: San Francisco Realtor endorsed by 1st Time Homebuyers.


2118_31st_ave_no wires


Duffy Family pic

A special endorsement for me as a Realtor, from a lovely family, 1st time home buyers in San Francisco.  I’m so grateful!  Thanks Duffy Family, enjoy your new home!

“Dear Erika,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping Gerry and I through a process that became a lot more complicated than we expected. Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your patience, veracity, and guidance in buying our first home. We knew buying a house would not be easy, especially buying a probate, but you were there every step of the way to make sure we felt comfortable and confident in our decisions. You knew all the in’s and out’s of this complicated purchase and became our personal cheerleader :). We would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking to buy a house… any city! Your great attention to detail, creativity, and profound knowledge in real estate is amazing.  We are forever indebted to you!”                                                                                                  With Sincere Thanks,  Stephanie and Gerry Duffy

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Call to Action! Condo Conversion Lottery ByPass Legislation – Please Help!!


content_HouseMoneyAt the end of this post find a link to all of the San Francisco City Supervisors, call or email in support of this important legislation to secure their votes and help your fellow homeowners realize their real estate dreams.

The current introduced legislation by Supervisors Mark Farrell and Scott Weiner which would enable tenancy in common owners who qualified for the 2012 condominium lottery to bypass the lottery by paying a per unit fee starting at $4,000 and increasing on a sliding scale basis dependent upon the number of years the building has entered the lottery.  The legislation includes tenant protections which provide any tenants in occupancy will receive lifetime leases. In order for the legislation to pass it will require six votes from the Board of Supervisors. 

 MY STORY: I regularly place new homeowners into TIC’s as an entry level purchase that is affordable in San Francisco. Most cannot afford condominiums, are overqualified for the BMR offerings and MOH programs and hope to convert their TIC to condominium as an equity building perk of their ownership. The current condominium lottery process hinders these property owners from furthering their real estate ownership dreams.

A consensus must occur within a TIC group to persue condominium conversion as well as a % share of cost for the persuit. TIC owners are hard working, middle income earners.  It’s not cheap to own a TIC – when the typical down payment is atleast 20% of the sale price.  When a 2-6 unit conversion can take upwards of 6+ years to convert it dashes hope and stifles the desire for ownership of the TIC, and passes along an arduous process to the next owner.  TIC’s are a frequently transferred type of home, with re-sale typically within 3-5 years, as an owners’ life circumstances, job, finances change.  TIC’s are the most basic purchase of 1st Time Home Buyers that stimulate the real estate sales community to trade-up upon re-sale.

Many of these owners purchase with the idea of living in the home as a “starter home” and also an investment.  Many want to make a 2nd home purchase in San Francisco within a few years, turning the TIC into rental/income housing which adds to the rental stock.  Allowing condo conversion to occur quickly and prudently, further secures the perimeter for these owners to make that transition, and building real estate portfolio health in San Francisco.

Making this small step toward allowing the basic rights and freedom of home owners to improve their asset in San Francisco and stimulate TIC and condominium real estate transfers for move-up purchase and possible use as income property in San Francisco is good for its’ prospective and current TIC owners, the rental market, and just plain good business.

Click, Call or Email with your support as YES! for this important Condo Conversion ByPass Legislation:

Thank You, Erika Burke, Realtor, Top Producer 415.321.7076 [email protected]

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The Inside Scoop for 1st Time Home Buyers for a successful San Francisco Home Purchase right NOW!

Young Couple9 Tips for making a successful purchase in the current Sellers Market

As you know inventory in San Francisco is at its lowest mark in more than seven years.  With such a low supply comes steeper competition which can put 1st time homebuyers at a disadvantage.  I like to look at it as an opportunity to be informed and prepared.  (Tips at the end)

Evaluating property and the market.

A Discussion:

With low inventory the first time home buyer may be going up against investors who are also targeting the bargain-priced or lower priced homes that are in the same pool in which you are looking.  Investors and contractors come to the table with buying power, large down payments and/or cash, which can edge you out of the deal.  One strategy is to prepare to compete.

In a Sellers market, a strategy that is often employed by listing agents, are to list the homes for well under the market, in hopes of attracting a large number of offers.  This means each home must be individually evaluated against the market to see if this is the case.  If so, the buyer must be prepared to bring their offer in at the regular market price which can be substantially, sometimes $10k-$100k or more over the inappropriately low asking price.  Just because a price is listed, it does not reflect the market value or the actual final purchase price range.  Conversely, some homes do not require an overbid and your agent will be able to advise you accordingly. Continue reading

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Hot new Lunch Spot in SF! Yummmmmmm…..

Hi All!  It was my colleagues turn to take me to lunch today – we check in monthly and compare business notes, chat about our successes and how we can improve!  We’re modern women looking for dining that reflects our sophisticated palates!

CompanyLunchThis time, I chose a new spot within 3 blocks of our Vanguard Properties office in the Inner Mission. The restaurant is “Company”.  It’s chic interior welcomes you, followed by the presentation of an impressive menu offering impeccable food choices. Our sandwich choice came with salad or fries and a cup of soup for $3 extra.  Since it was Parsnip soup, we both made the addition and chose the Open Brisket Sandwich.  Well….the salad was to die for, lightly tossed in a parmesean dressing, full of steamed beets and veges chopped in an enticing way, with wild greens.  The sandwhich of sheared brisket was heaped on a pumpernickel brioche bread and topped with a horseradish aioli slaw.  That’s 3 separate sammy’s in the pic!  Best described as fresh, innovative and delicious.

I would never be able to explain our dish as sumptiously as our server did.  He  made the food sound like art, and upon its’ arrival we were convinced.  I’ve now made it my Mission to let everyone know about this lunch spot and will be sure to take clients here.  They have a lovely wine list. (Although today was not that kind of lunch). After lunch, Owner, Thuay greeted us in such a friendly, warm manner.

We feel like we have made new friends and know of a secret gourmet spot in which to return again and again to try everything on their menu.  Hurry over, and afterwords take a stroll at the interesting shops, just a block away on Valencia.  Tell me what you think of our favorite new lunch spot, “Company” at 1000 Guerrero St. at 22nd. 415-374-7479


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Hayes Valley Tech Couple Endorse Realtor

I’m so grateful that my recent sale of 432 Ivy Street, San Francisco, CA, a  single family, 3 Bedroom, 3.5 bath home for $1,380,000. located in Hayes Valley was purchased by  a beautiful, charming and newly married tech couple which resulted  in the following endorsement. 

1st time homebuyer’s, Dan and Kristine said, “Thank you again for being so wonderful during the process!”

“Erika was extremely helpful during the home buying process.  She worked closely with us to understand the type of property we were
interested in and helped us find many places to look at so we could continue to refine what we wanted.  Once we found a place she did an amazing job helping us come up with an aggressive pre-market offer.

She put together and submitted the offer over a few hours on the weekend and was super responsive to all of our questions.   She was always on top of what needed to be done, worked closely with the mortgage officer to make sure everything was moving smoothly for a very fast closing window.  We were very pleased with Erika and highly recommend her to anyone in the real estate market.”

Having strong representation in a competitive market helps.  Give me a ring and let’s match you to your home  or help you to sell and move ahead soon!

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Fouladi Projects- “The Fortune Teller”, a Hipcentric Gallery Opening in SF!

On Friday evening, 11/10 I parked in a lot on Valencia St., just past 14th Street.  With the helpful direction of art associate, Hope Bryson, at Fouladi Projects Art Gallery at 1803 Market Street,  I walked up the hidden bike path and crossed Octavia, drawn by the art in the window and ambient lighting.  A handsome couple were headed in the same direction.  This was an art reception with buzz.  I could feel it already.

Sitting at a long farm table was tarot card reader and gallery assistant, Ginger Murray, offering free readings to those brave enough.  A nice touch, since the theme for this opening featured an impressive body of work by artist, Russell Tyler aptly named “Fortune Teller”.  This is his first solo show with Fouladi Projects running from November 9th through December 15th.

I sought out and chatted with Russell Tyler and his lovely wife, Trudy Benson, who both reside, have their studios and paint in Brooklyn, NY.  “Trudy is an accomplished painter in her own right”, according to Holly Fouladi, Gallery owner, “Do you know they met at Pratt Institute when they were both in school.”  What a charming story, 2 painters, man and wife, living their dream.  This was a 4 day trip for them, to San Francisco for the opening; and we welcomed them with lovely weather that had just turned a little cooler that evening. 

Splashed along the main gallery walls were Russells’ works of art in bright bold, pops of color and texture, almost comic booky.  Not unlike himself, hip and handsome, cool, bespectacled & approachable.  All of his art displayed were larger works demonstrating a mash-up feeling of pop art, abstract expressionism, with each evoking a definitive feeling or spirit. He paints in a raw state, eschewing brushes for use of paints directly onto the canvas. Russell said, “I connect the lines”, indicating his approach to the structure of the peice and said, “Sometimes I have a vision and sometimes I begin and find the vision”.

Which brings me to an important philosphy in life and art ? “Is life a circle or a line?”  Or is a line a circle?  An ongoing debate in my own art class!

The piece I liked most, I photographed.  2 hands reaching toward the world with a third eye, a spider web, a cloud, woven string through fingers, items flying. Vivid pastels and primary blues, chartreuse, yellows brightly intertwining.  Rough and childlike with  mature themes.  There is definite intention in Russells’ work.  I asked Russels if he paints in only this style and he stated, “I have many styles”, which has me wanting to see his prior work and watch him closely in the future to see where this patently talented artist takes us.

Most noticibly is Russell’s committment to his work.You can see the progression of the paintings in this series.  I took a guess at which pieces came first and confirmed that I was right with his wife Trudy, who is Rusells’ greatest fan.  The last two works in the series nearly lept off the wall with their confirmation of the fortune telling theme, evoking scenes from our dream life or the idea that perhaps we can take our own future and define it or in fact design it, much like Isabelle Allende does with words.   With his final pieces in the series, it seems he reached a refinement and cleansing and completion of the theme, which is sure to take Russell to his bright future with his imagined “Fortune Teller” collection. Russell received his MFA from Pratt and has been widely exhibited on the Right Coast, Canada and now the ‘City by the Bay.’

Serving champagne and wine and a custom cake with a likeness of Russells’ painting, added an entertaining food and art twist to the reception.  The back room featured Objects D’art and ‘one of’s’, of other signifigant painters as well as mixed media pieces and two life size leaning cartoon tigers reminding me of “Snagglepuss” of the 60’s. 

Our gracious and beautiful hostess and gallery owner, Holly Fouladi was the co-owner of a gallery just a few blocks away for over 10 years when she decided to venture out on her own.  Open just about 6 months, Fouladi Projects is new and already attracting an array of clientele, from San Francisco’s hip and artcentric, art enthusiasts & art bloggers like myself, collectors, young professionals, and of course, other artists!

Holly’s choice of gallery artists feature a mix of up and coming and known artists. I love that she is bringing artists from other areas to expose and share in the sophisticated San Francisco art scene.  Holly said she chooses art that moves her keen eye and really gets to know the artists, whether emerging or known artists, it is the whole story behind the artist and their art that makes Hollys’ approach on point and current.  Keep an eye on the experienced gallerist, Holly Foouladi, her warm, hip, happening and welcoming gallery and make sure you sign up for her email notifications for upcoming receptions at  Hope to see you at the next opening, I’ll be there!




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City Art Gallery Reception! Great art!

On Friday November 11, I had the privelege of attending an opening and reception for more than 20 artists at City Art Gallery located at 828 Valencia St in the Mission District.

It was coincidentally the Day of the Dead with a celebration and parade in the Inner Mission, so the streets were filled with painted faces and revelers.  An exciting nite in the Mission, which comes alive at night with cafes, shops and pubs welcoming everyone!

This gallery is co-operative, so 80% of the proceeds of any sale go directly to the artists.  The gallery sells more than $100k of art per year and showcases a wonderfully diverse set of artists, that change monthly.  There is always something new to see like oil and acrylic paintings to giclees’ jewelry, handcrafted objects d’art, wood block prints, printmaking pieces.  Link to on-line gallery:

Their concept is that the artist pays to become a member, joins the group, then pays to showcase their art in any month of their choosing and contributes time to meeting before the reception, hanging their own art (placement by lottery) and /or participates in the food and beverage service for the reception.  I love how affordable this makes it for emerging artists or anyone, to show their art in a gallery.  Of course, the art must be juried first!

Make sure to stop into this hip and happening gallery and enjoy the revolving exhibitions. Support your local San Francisco artists and make a purchase.  Art is priced between $100.-$1000. – quite affordable!

I attend many art openings, always promising that I’ll keep my pocketbook closed, though the temptation is great and I feel wonderful purchasing art and supporting artists, being a painter myself.  On this night, I couldn’t resist and I purchased a wonderful ‘Vamps Gallery’ woodblock print from artist Katie Gilmartin, a successful studio artist in San Francisco.  She’s a fun character herself and her art is so ‘Pulp’ and well done., mounted on beautiful french pulp paper and framed.  Double Pulp!! She offers limited editions of her prints.


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Hayes Valley Home Just SOLD at 432 Ivy St. – $1,380,000.

Talk about quintessential San Francisco.  This 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom single family Edwardian home, built in 1911, JUST SOLD for $1,380,000. to my wonderful clients who had set their sites on owning this home, in this specific location.  They knew what they wanted and I wanted to be sure they were able to complete their purchase.

Though we made an offer the moment the home re-emerged on the market with new lowered pricing at the beginning of September, the seller wanted to see a full marketing period and set an offer date for a few weeks later.  We strongly negotiated to a comfortable offer price and held fast for the offer date with an extended counter offer.  Since there are no single family homes for sale in Hayes Valley, there was alot of interest in the home.  Hayes Valley has many condominium and TIC offerings, but few single family homes, which made this an extra special value. 

We made it to the offer date where there were 3 offers and ours came in toward the top and had excellent terms.  A little more negotiating and my clients won the home.  I was absolutely delighted that our strategy worked and that they are now to call this home their own. Though there were a few unsure moments during the waiting period which we managed together nicely, this is what I call a successful day in real estate. 

Set on a tree lined side street off of Octavia Blvd., steps from the chic shops and restaurants of Hayes Valley’s hip and happening neighborhood, this home is an historical gem.  Built in 1911 and approximately 1700 SF,  it retains many of the original traditional features like wainscoating, crown mouldings, leaded windows, a charming wood stairwell, a fireplace, formal dining room with original cabinetry and all generously sized bedrooms on the upper level.  There is a charming clawfoot bathtub, original wood floors, a basement level with office space and a small yard with mature trees, beds for gardening and a deck off the kitchen.

The current 1 car garage can even be restored for 2 cars which is especially handy in this neighborhood. There have been some upgrades made over 10 years ago, so the home awaits updating with the TLC and refurbishing that will be made by the new owners who are looking forward to the task!

This is a family home just right for my clients, a newly married couple!  I look forward to watching their family grow and helping their friends, colleagues and family as I have helped them.  Keeping a positive attitude, negotiating smartly and making every advantage for my clients in every transaction means I have happy clients.  This is my singular goal!  I’m thrilled for them and can picture them happily ensconsed in this very special home.

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Dinner with recent 1st Time Homeowners and Their Endorsement

One of my husbands’ favorite restuarants in San Francisco is the “original” flagship restuarant, Fresca, a Peruvian delight on West Portal Avenue where we have been dining for 10 years! This was our choice to take my clients who just closed on their Twin Peaks home at 20 Parkridge Dr. #9 for $510,000.  This 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, gorgeous condo had been completely remodeled like new and for an extra bonus, the majestic Downtown and Bay views were just what they were looking for and reportedly, are very happy with.

“We are writing to express our gratitude in working with Realtor Erika Burke. We have just purchased our first home and are very happy with Erika.  She has been the catalyst to get us through the anxiety-producing process of buying a home, streamlining the process and making it happen in a timely manner. Not only has she guided us through the purchase with extensive real estate knowledge, but Erika is also personable and humorous enough to make it a joy. We are completely satisfied with the outcome. Erika has been the greatest agent, and we recommend her to everyone.”  G. Soltani – Buyer

The Food and wine, Albarino as always, are outstanding.  Try authentic dishes like Lomo Saltado – Sliced Steak in scrumptious sauce over rice or fries, a traditional Peruvian dish, or Corvina over risotto cake with an Ancho Sauce or Baked Trout in an iron skillet, Camarrones al Pisco; an appetizer with a Pisco sauce that is not to be missed.  My Mom and husband rounded out the group for a glorious meal and celebration!!


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I just SOLD a Sunset/Parkside Home at 2118 31st Ave. to 1st Time Home Buyers

My Lovely clients, a young family and First time Home Buyers, just purchased their first home at 2118 31st Ave., in the Sunset/Parkside District in San Francisco.  During our Sellers Market, homes in the Sunset/Parkside have been receiving high numbers of multiple offers…like 12 and 15 offers on one home, with tremendous overbidding and alot of cash purchases to sweeten the competitiveness of offers.

We’ve arrived at the property for the Key Transfer! My Buyer and her adorable son!

This 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath home was a sought after floor plan with a center patio affording lots of light to the home, original hardwood, an updated kitchen, yet well cared for, still in original condition. The past owner lived here for over 50 years and it was being SOLD as a probate with the proceeds to be distributed to family members. This type of transaction presents its’ challenges in terms of lengthy escrow while awaiting for court approval or confirmation for a sale and the “AS IS” purchase.  Probates often come to market with a lower value than other regular sales making them a good buy.

In this transaction, my clients over bid the asking price of $569,000 up to $661,101.  There were 12 offers, and although ours was not the highest, it had the best terms.  My client a contractor, determined the AS IS purchase acceptable and so made little additional terms to entice the Seller to accept their offer, and we Won!.  The purchase price was a deal for a gloriously large Sunset home with a basement/garage waiting for development and the possibility to add a level.  Perhaps a third floor master suite?   Continue reading

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My mention in the Examiner – I was Co-Chair for a successful Fundraising event!

Special Examiner Real Estate Section:  I/We are in the Press. Our “Evening of Art and Fashion” at Vanguard Properties on 7/25 went off swimmingly well, raising $10,000. for Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco.   We exhibited “In-house Resident Agent Art” for exhibit and sale, and had an “In-House Fashion Designer” Show and Silent Auction of Art and other objects of beauty. Check out Page 3 in the Examiners’ Digital Edition for my mention in the Press Release.  Check out my previous blog post for pics.


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I am proud of my brainchild as event organizer & silent auction Co-Chair….this event was concieved to celebrate the Realtors of Vanguard Properties, as individuals, who like myself and my Co-Chair, Mitch Laufer, Vanguard Marketing Director and event planner extraordinaire,  are also artists and designers while performing at high levels in their real estate careers.  I loved the idea of bringing together business and art while contributing to a worthy cause.  The event resonated with the participants and attendees alike as a fun, exciting and enriching evening while we raised funds and gave back in a meaningful way. (My art is in this crowd shot)

Vanguard properties one of the fastest growing Real Estate brokerages in San Francisco hosted an evening of Art and fashion to benefit Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. Pictured right –  Deven Richardson and Daniel Smith of Habitat GSF with Erika Burke. The event was Sponsored by Principal James Nunemacher and co-chaired by exhibiting artists, Erika Burke and Lynn Brei, both agents at Vanguard Properties who liased with Habitat Events Coordinator , Arti Sharma who all planned the event with tireless determination.  Habitats’ Senior Director of Development adressed the crowd explaining all that they do in our community.

The resident Artists and Fashion designers, all Vanguard Properties agents and or employees showcased and sold their works of Art and Fashion with 30% of the proceeds benefitting Habitat GSF.

A silent auction was also held during the festivities where 100% of the proceeds from the sale of art and many objects of desire were purchased. Attendees had choices of Hotel stays, to cosmetic treatments and of course all art was donated by the artists in residence.

In addition to art there was also a fashion show,                     (pictured right – Jonathan Deason, Agent with model), orchestrated by yet another Vanguard agent. Jen Fritz, owner/designer of Warrior Within and agent, who put together an amazing show using all Vanguard Agents as models with their escorts, while showcasing her creations.

Having raised nearly $10,000.00 For Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco the successful evening is the first of what Vanguard plans to make an annual fundraising event.

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Morgan B.- 20 Something Buyer – 2 Bedroom TIC – Twin Peaks


“Kristen, Morgan and I all wanted to express our appreciation to you for your superlative effort on our behalf in connection with our recent property purchase in San Francisco.  We feel that fate guided us to you as you could not have made the process any easier or more enjoyable than you did.  From the initial property search, to the offer on our selected property, to the escrow process through closing and beyond, you were there for us each step of the way providing the ultimate in professional service.  Your efforts far exceeded anything we expected and we are eternally grateful for all of your assistance.  We look forward to paying you the highest compliment we can, referring any of our friends or family who are looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area.  Thank you again.”



Morgan, Steve and Kristen Barnes

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20 Parkridge Dr. #12 – Twin Peaks

Recently Developed & Remodeled  2 Bed/1 Ba TIC with  Sweeping SF Views, New Kitchen & Bath, Deck, Garage, Storage.  SOLD $535,000.

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Blog Post: San Francisco City Planning Overview in the 7X7


John Rahaim, our San Francisco City Planner spoke at Vanguard Properties to provide us with the state of San Francisco City Planning.

Here’s a re-cap of what is ongoing and planned for our City scape, and what you can expect when building or remodelling your home.

The City has the capacity for 70,000 housing units with the current land availability and capital availability. We are approving about 2500 projects per year and he believes that double that amount should be approved annually. To speed up the process he would like to see smaller projects and about 1/2 of new construction units not have to go before the planning commission.

We have 45,000 units currently entitled. About 28,000 are in Park Merced and Hunters Point. 4,000 units are currently under construction with another 2,000 to be completed by the end of this year. This growth is primarily driven by the needs of the Tech Industry. In SOMA (South of Market) our office space vacancy is at 3%, we are nearly fully occupied. Already through planning, the 2nd Rincon Tower is planning to break ground in a Couple of weeks.

Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tech Chic 2 Bedroom SOLD for $535k, Only 2 left!

Guess where I’ll be this Sunday?  Happily showing the Memorial Weekend OPEN HOUSE on Sunday from 1-4:30pm at 20 Parkridge Dr. at Burnett off Market Street on Twin Peaks in San Francisco. 

I just SOLD Unit #12 to my ecstatic Buyer for $535,000.   Only 2, Two Bedroom Units are left!  #9 is offered for $519K.  What? Make sure to stop by and soak up these chic and beautiful,  fresh remodels featuring  hardwood floors, recessed lighting, new stainless appliances, parking and storage. 

 Enjoy a Modern | High Tech Open Living, Dining Kitchen Floor Plan filled with light from oversize double pane windows. New Stainless Steel Fridge, dishwasher, range and microwave.  Your two huge bedrooms are on either side of a spa like bathroom and the home features an in-home laundry with new machines. Take in the famous & enormous Downtown and Twin Peaks Panoramic Bay views from your private balcony.

A Few blocks from Molly Stones , Glen Canyon Park and centrally located in the middle of San Francisco for North or South commutes. Set beneath a green median and upon the hillside makes it private and accessible. A tremendous value for the location and comparable units currently on the market. Everyone who has purchased is delighted with their “find”.  Just right for the first time home buyer, student, professional, bachelor or bachelorette or a light and bright pied-a-terre.  Come and See me!

Showing by:  Erika Burke 415.321.7076, [email protected], DRE#01386234

Listing Agent, Vanguard Properties, Jonathan Deason


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Tiburon Home – a Magnificent Natural Beauty

High atop a Tiburon hillside ridge, nestled across from Angel Island with a sweeping view of San Francisco and the East Bay is an architectural masterpiece of a home built in 1995.

Vanguard Properties presents this one-of-a-kind home of 4 Bedroom, 4.5 Baths with 2 car parking. Carved out of the hillside is an earthy enclave of natural limestone and granite, carefully orchestrated to blend seamlessly with the California landscape. Most charming is a path that leads around the perimiter of the property and around the house to view from each window where there is a real sense of nature and relaxation.


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Forest Knolls and its’ SF Overlook Development

SF Overlook Development, LLC have completed their environmental review with pending planning approval to build a proposed 34 units on the hillside below Crestmont Dr. in San Franciscos’ Forest Knolls neighborhood.

Crestmont Preservation is an organized group of home owners and community members with the common cause of preserving the quiet and peaceful enjoyment that is their right as homeowners.  Their primary concern is the additional 340 person trips, (136-170 car trips…based upon round trips per person for average of 5 residents per 2-3 bedroom unit per day), moving through this quiet, residential neighborhood of narrow, hilly streets along with the increased density this large development will bring to the end of this cul-de-sac, already the city’s longest.

SF Overlook states their 34 unit project is 44% less units than the max allowed by zoning.  The mix of units are two and three bedroom family townhomes and one 11 unit building.  This project will improve hillside stability through water management, new retaining walls and drainage improvements.  They propose to add 51 off-street covered parking spaces and will apply for up to 68 parking spaces Continue reading

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Luxury South Beach Loft-1 Block from San Franciscos’ Waterfront


Currently available is loft #130, 1535 Square Feet of cool modern living featuring two, 17 ft. windows spanning 2 levels. The unique entry level includes a tasteful modern kitchen with sub-zero fridge, room for dining before your floor to ceiling windows,  and a half bath, wrapped up in sleek steel, concrete and iron design elements, highlighted by inset and spot lighting.

“The surprise is the mezzanine and 2nd loft level Grande En Suite Master Bedroom”

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San Francisco South Beach Luxury Living at 200 Brannan #130

Last week I blogged about a gorgeous penthouse #506 offering for $1,250,000. at 200 Brannan in San Francisco’s South Beach waterfront neighborhood, which is still available.  Today, a beautiful 1535 SF 2 story loft in this luxury Condo Building has come to market.

This 2 level loft, #130, includes a second full bath on the main level and a large master suite on the upper level.  The mezzanine is large enough for a home office or family room. This is a plushly decorated secure full service building with door man, 24 hour security, included garage parking for 1 independant and exercise facilities plus recreation room for private parties.  Offered for $1,049,000.

One block from the Waterfront and near 2nd Street Cafes and boutiques.

Everything about 200 Brannan is luxurious and the perfect fit for the discerning full service condominium seeker. Please phone for your appointment to view this home.

Erika Burke – Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Vanguard Properties, [email protected] 415.321.7076

For more about 200 Brannan please review my prior post

 Listed by Eric Turner, McGuire Real Estate




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New to Market! Nob Hill Condo Hot spot-Available Now! Cathedral & Bridge Views!

A new San Francisco real estate market offering today is 1201 California St. #507 near Pine Street atop Nob Hill,  is a wonderfully priced condo opportunity for 1 Bedroom and 1 bath in an exclusive neighborhood with Views of Grace Cathedral and the Golden Gate Bridge. Blocks from Union Square, the theatre and financial Districts, the location is superb.

You are greeted by the door man in this elevator building. The kitchen features a beautiful marble countertop, laundry is available in the building. The bath includes French doors and finishes in keeping with the period. Enjoy views from the Living Room and Bedroom, carpet and slate flooring. New Homeowners will meet with board approval. Included is 1 indpendant parking space.

The building was made famous by Dashiell Hammets’ Maltese Falcon.  Built in 1926, it features ornate architectural details as San Francisco’s treasured Cathedral Apartments.  The building offers a Charming Roof Deck to take in the City’s most outstanding views.  Offered for $475,000. Shown only by appointment, please call to arrange your  showing and for further information.   

Erika Burke – Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Vanguard Properties, [email protected] 415.321.7076

Listed by Paige Dew-Ewing, BHG Mason McDuffie Real Estate
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Facts about the San Francisco Real Estate Market-Right Now!

As Reported by the San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR), April Market Focus Report.
Reporting on Single Family Home and Condominium Sales in San Francisco and the state of our current market plus future projections. Low Inventory, rising prices, lots of buyers, high end is moving. Sellers should feel confident to list during this opportune Seller’s Market.


As Inventory Remains Low and Unchanged,
San Francisco Homes Sell Even Faster
Just as last month, many new home sellers continue to have confidence that the market is on an upswing and that housing prices will soon accelerate. As a result, the vast majority of them have decided to hold off on listing their properties for sale, keeping the city’s inventory low. Making matters worse, the flow of distressed properties from the banks has lessened, making it more difficult for buyers to find properties even though interest rates have remained low. The congruence of all these economic factors occurring at the same time is resulting in the current seller’s market, where sellers have more leveraging power over buyers who are competing against a limited pool of properties.

Single-Family Home Sales

While the city’s inventory of single-family homes for sale dropped by 29.4 percent compared to March 2011, it did not exceed February’s level this year. Still, despite the low inventory, the number of homes under contract continued to improve by as much as 19.9 percent compared to this time last year, while the number of homes sold fell by only a slight margin of 2.8 percent.

For homes that were priced below $700,000, the months of supply inventory fell by 65 percent to one month. For higher-priced homes between $700,000 and $1.2 million, the months of supply inventory fell by 56.1 percent to also one month. It comes as no surprise that a number of real estate web sites currently rank San Francisco high among the nation of cities where homes sell the fastest.

One region of the city which continues to experience healthy sales activity is the area in the mid-western part of town, known as Twin Peaks West. Since March 2011, the number of homes under contract here has risen by 14.7 percent. Twin Peaks West has a total of 16 neighborhoods, with Mt. Davidson, the highest natural point in San Francisco, at its center. With its elegantly landscaped streets and a variety of architectural styles, including Craftsman bungalows, Mediterranean, and Mid-century, homes here are very desirable. The median price for a home in Twin Peaks West is about $837,500.

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State of the National Real Estate Market from NAR (Nat’l. Assoc. of Realtors)

March Existing-Home Sales Saw Decline, Lower Inventory, Stabilizing Prices

Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, April 19, 2012

Existing-home sales dipped in March, but continued to outpace last year’s levels. At the same time, inventory tightened and home prices showed further signs of stabilizing, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.

Total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, declined 2.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.48 million in March from an upwardly revised 4.60 million in February, but are 5.2 percent above the 4.26 million-unit pace in March 2011.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said the recovery is in the process of settling into a higher level of home sales.  “The recovery is happening though not at a breakout pace, but we have seen nine consecutive months of year-over-year sales increases,” he said.  “Existing-home sales are moving up and down in a fairly narrow range that is well above the level of activity during the first half of last year.  With job growth, low interest rates, bargain home prices and an improving economy, the pent-up demand is coming to market and we expect housing to be notably better this year.” Continue reading

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Sleek lifestyle at 200 Brannan #506 – Luxury Bay Living in San Francisco’s South Beach.

Today I had the pleasure of viewing a luxury Penthouse at 200 Brannan in the exclusive South Beach neighborhood, steps from the Embarcadero, near the Ferry Building, South Parks’ 2nd St. restaurants and boutique’s, Giants Stadium, only steps from San Franciscos’ quintessential bay views and numerous outdoor activities. Close to the Bay Bridge, 101 and 280 and public transportation.

200 Brannan is one sleek, beautifully kept, luxury condominium building of 191 homes.

As an experienced luxury Realtor, I am the appointed representive for 200 Brannan through our Vanguard Properties website and will keep you informed of the latest offerings.  I will arrange your private showing or provide accurate comparables and comparisons for your home sale at 200 Brannan.

I view every home with the idea in mind of who the buyer might be, and ask, “Would I live there myself”? I can give a definite “Yes”, to the current offering of penthouse Unit 506 and easily picture a sophisticated couple, business bachelor or bachelorette, design or art world professional, luxury pied-a-terre seeker, or a young urban dweller making this prestigious offering their home.

Greeted at the door by the engaging door man, Roberto, one immediately feels secure and that they are entering an exclusive, service oriented, 5 star living experience, from the atrium entry, to the exquisitely chosen neutral palette on the walls of the quiet, plushly carpeted hallways. Dotting those walls are custom art and photographs that are finished with sophisticated lighting; which guide you past the serene green bamboo ground floor courtyard and on to the multiple elevators that bring you closest to your home.


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Richmond District Beauty




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The Scoop on the Americas Cup – What’s Happening #LiveinLuxurySF Blog

As a member of The San Francisco Luxury Marketing Council, I attended a presentation of “America’s Cup – Everything you need to know”, Hosted by Al Nucifora at The City Club at 155 Sansome tonite. Presenter, Napa Valley Vintners’ Association served an array of Napa Boutique Wines and and was introduced as the Official Wine of the America’s Cup. Napa wines will exclusively be served at the events. In Napa Valley, 95% of vineyards are family owned, 80% produce 10,000 cases and less. There are 45 acres of planted vineyards which is only 9% of the county. They will be partnering to offer promotion for visitors to visit Napa during their Bay Area holiday.

The America’s Cup is a series of regatta’s held in top venues around the world, sailing the AC45’s, the fastest catamarans with cutting edge wing sail technology. The marketing message is that this event is “Innovative and Revolutionary”. They have 28 Broadcast Partners, have recieved 5.8 million UTube Views and expect 370K spectators to take in the World Series of Racing.

Time to make your home a short term rental or if you are ready to sell, prepare in time for the quickly approaching race dates!

Pier 39 will be host to the America’s Cup Village and the Finish Line where you can get up close and personal with sailor and take in bands at theAmphitheater.                                  Piers 27/29 Will be home to the International Broadcast and Media Center to coordinate and support more than 1,000 journalists.

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Outstanding Sea Cliff must see luxury home

This is a “Luxe Fave” of mine that  just came to market… an amazingly majestic Spanish Meditaranean home at 738 El Camino Del Mar Ave. at 30th Street in Seacliff; San Franciscos’ exclusive neighborhood of mansions that take in sweeping views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge.   

Originally built in 1927 and remodeled in 2009 by designer Ken Fulk, the finishes are in one word, beautiful and is in keeping with the style of home with a fresh up to date elegance and beauty.  The home has spacious open feeling of largesse for 3 Bedrooms and 3.5 Baths including a view Master Suite, media room, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, plus front and rear landscaped gardens and 2 garage parking. The living room features the views as well.  There is a 2 car garage!!

Offered for $6,995,000 Contact me to arrange a private showing 415.321.7076

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My San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Orientation

When I was in the advertising business I attended Chamber of Commerce Sundowner’s.  They were monthly cocktail mixers for networking with other business owners.  Today I went to an orientation meeting for the Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, along with 30 or so other business owners and execs who were introduced to how the Chamber can help promote our business and how they work to improve San Francisco’s business community and support job development. 

The meeting was held in spacious conference room of the Chamber on the 12th floor in the Lusk Building at 235 Montgomery Street in the financial district.  Attendees included Zipcar, two professional business consultant Coach’s, a construction manager looking for job connections, the LGBT friendly paper-The Bay Area Reporter,  The San Francisco Business Times, Orange-Events Photographers, a social media marketing expert from Fanpage Direct, a financial planner and A52 signs among about 25 more local business owners and entrepeneurs.

Some attendees had been in business for just a few months, others new to San Francisco and all looking for support from the local business community. one group, is a disaster Preparedness company providing readymade packages for sale along with a lifetime refill program to individuals and business.  I’m a huge proponent of hyperlocal marketing.  Getting to know who provides our services and goods on a personal level.  These are the people that drive our economy and community development. 

We were able to meet and greet after and network.  Continue reading

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Frankly Chic Brick and Timber Clock Tower Loft

I had a suprise treat today during my Tuesday property tour. I viewed a rarely available 1733 SF Brick and Timber loft in the coveted Clock Tower Building in San Francisco’s South Beach (SOMA) neighborhood. This home is perfect for an artist, a couple who entertains, a tech exec or an expressive bachelor or bachelorette. This is a home in which to live your glory days, even if that means a fabulous San Francisco pied-a-terre now that the kids are in college.

The building itself features broad expanses of metal and wood and each homes door has a metal lighted sculptural feature that adds to the hip, arty, modern feel. The interior courtyard is charmingly landscaped with ferns and vines covering the interior walls. There are elevators from the entrance and to the Tower, where #454 is located.

This private loft bedroom sits a few steps above the expansive living area that is framed at the far end by two enormous windows that span the width and overlook a charming vintage building landscape. The quality of lite is exquisite and the exposed brick, stunning hardwood floors and vaulting exposed beam ceiling make this a New York Style loft.

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