Can’t seem to get enough La Boulange….

…..And we thought it was just us! La Boulange is opening yet another cafe in San Francisco- and we couldn’t be happier, now we can get a greek yogurt bowl or delicious cup of chai no even as we are shopping. That’s right- their newest installation is coming to a shopping mall near you! Under the dome of the Westfield San Francisco.

This well-known and well-loved bakery cafe will tweak its model a bit for the mall location. The newest Boulange, called La Boulange du Dome, will be sleeker and more modern than the familiar rustic French decor of it’s sister locations. The menu will also differ slightly adding¬†exclusive¬†items like ice cream cookie sandwiches and wines by the glass!

We can’t wait, but I guess we will have to as it is not slated to open until 2012.



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