Barbara E., Seller – Commercial Dual Warehouse with Office – Bayview

Please be aware that Ms. Erika Burke will go the distance to sell your property! Ms. Burke used her many talents in marketing, her substantial network of contacts and other agents and negotiated the best deal I could have asked for in this terrible real estate market. Given the very difficult market in the past two years, I was very lucky to have such a dedicated agent who took her job of selling my property very seriously and very successfully, after many months in a declining and considerably worsening real estate meltdown of 2009. No matter how difficult the situation was she always was bringing new ideas to the table to keep my property in the forefront of the minds of the potential buyers and agents looking at commercial properties. Ms. Burke did more than just sell my property for me. She took a difficult situation and stayed positive, worked hard and helped me stay positive during this process. Ms. Erika Burke was a miracle maker! 

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