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Mortgage Protection for First Time Home Buyer.

Are you a first time homebuyer? APPLY FOR THE MORTGAGE PROTECTION PROGRAM! This is a FREE program through the California Association of Realtors that provides you, a qualified first-time buyer up to $1,500 a month for up to six months in the event of job loss to help pay the mortgage; a $750 monthly benefit also is available for a qualified co-buyer. There is NO cost to you! To qualify, you must be first time homebuyers – haven’t owned a home for the last three years; and have opened escrow on or after April 2, 2009 and closed escrow before December 31, 2009; use an active California REALTOR® like me; purchase the property in California, and be a W-2 employee (cannot be self-employed). Call me for further information and an application.

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More signs of a housing revival

New home building increased in August, a government report said Thursday, further signaling that home
builders are regaining their confidence in the housing market recovery.

To read the full story, please click here:

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GREEN ENVY – The benefits of Green homes

Source: U.S. Green Building Council

More and more Amaericans are discovering the benefits of green homes. The advantages affect consuers’ health, wallet and the environment. For example:
~Toxin-free building materials help combat indoor air ollution, which can be worse than outdoor pollutiona and can pose serious health risks.
~The net cost of owning a greenhome is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home.
~Month to month, people who live in green homes save money by consming less energy and less water than standard homes.
~The value of a green home is often higher than that of a comparable standard home, and the amrket demand for green homes continues to rise.
~Local, state, and federal governments are increasingly offering tax breaks and other incentives for building certified green homes or adding green features to an existing home.
!Green homes use 40% less energy than comparable standard homes.
~Efficient plumbing and bathing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-conserving irrigation systems help green homes use less water than standard homes.
~Far fewer natural resources are used in the construction of a green home. Many green building materials have significant recyled content.

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VIDEO Contest at Zephyr Real Estate about San Francisco – Win $$$$

Zephyr is sponsoring a video contest, SF Community Voices, to get the word-on-the-street perspective on the 90+ neighborhoods of our one amazing City. Enter the SF Community Voices video contest and declare your love for your neighborhood: favorite hot spots, hidden treasures and insider scoop. Upload your video for a chance to win $500 or one of 12 other prizes! Get the details, enter your video, or check back later to vote for your favorite video at

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Great Local San Francisco Real Estate Resource Website here

The Association’s web site for homeowners,, contains more than 130 articles on subjects important to owners. From “Adding a Room” to “Zoning Districts,” it’s all there, making the site the most robust resource guide for San Francisco homeowners on the web.
Want to know more about sidewalk repair? What to do about barking dogs? Confused about who’s responsible for repairing the fence between your backyard and your neighbor’s? Aren’t sure if you need a permit to remodel your bathroom? The answers to all these questions and many more can be found on the Association’s very informative and unique site.
Topics are separated into three easy-to-navigate sub-headings: Your House, Your Neighborhood and Your City.
In addition, the site contains a fourth, separate category—Your Government—which provides descriptions of legislative proposals and ballot measures affecting the interests of property owners at the local, State and federal levels. Sometimes accompanying these descriptions are letters supporting or opposing legislative proposals (as the case might be) that site visitors can send to selected legislators, with their name attached to the letters with a single mouse click. To view the political content, however, the visitor must click on the separate Your Government link. The site was set up this way so that REALTORS® would not feel uncomfortable about referring their clients to the site because the “political point-of-view” expressed may be different than that of site visitors and client alienation would occur.

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